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Birmingham’s Ivory Wave are George Johnson (Lead Vocals), Connor McMinn (Guitar), Luke Morris (Bass), Rob Clarke (Keys) and Seb Baldwin (Drummer). The band released new single ‘Cool Kids’ on the 16th March. Since mid 2016 the band have enjoyed a fast ascent from a gang of mates to local heroes selling out hometown shows which now erupt into chaotic, sing-along frenzies seeing their growing army of fans pack out venues up and down the land. Birmingham didn’t know what hit it, now it’s the rest of the countries turn as the band head out on a full UK tour in April.

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New single ‘Cool Kids’ demands you to head straight to the dancefloor with your tracky top fully zipped up. Baggy big beats, synths, bubbling bass lines, liquid guitars and even a sax all combine to provide the perfect setting for what has to be one of the catchiest indie-dance chants of the year so far.

Ivory Wave , who are amazingly all in their teens and early 20’s have downloaded the nineties, lasered it into a Nintendo Switch and then sampled it for what would be the perfect soundtrack for This Is England 2018 . The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays are obvious influences but they collide with the forward-thinking visions of Django Django and LCD Soundsystem, producing something fresh, euphoric and dare we say…fun.

The bands frontman George Johnson explains the inspiration behind ‘Cool Kids’…

“It should be us who shape our own future as we will be the ones who are living it. It’s a celebration of being able to wear what you want, a celebration of being who you want to be and most importantly a celebration of youth.”

Join Ivory Wave as they turn frowns upside down one sweaty venue at a time with the band’s self-proclaimed deployment of ‘Groove, groove, groove.’


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