2020 started out as a huge year for Twisted Wheel dropping one of the best DIY rock & roll comeback albums of our time. Kindred spirits of true rock and roll, the band were lucky enough to get to play some of the tracks live on tour with Liam Gallagher across the UK and Europe at the beginning of the year before the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the musical world. By mid-March, just as the band released the album, the coronavirus pandemic had effectively put the whole concert industry on an indefinite pause meaning the bands plan to perform on Soccer AM, tour and promote the album were all cancelled. The knock-on effects the pandemic bled into the rest of all the music business as well, meaning sadly, very few avenues were available to the band push the album.


Released on the 20th of March after an 8 year break, “Satisfying The Ritual” was made with no label backing, family management and those involved self funding the album. The band were making a huge statement with this album and proved that true guitar music and heartfelt lyricism was far from dead .  

The largely punk-influenced record which occasionally veers into classic rock territory is almost written for 2020, it’s a personally deep offering that is full of hope, rather than one wallowing in despair which is something I think we can all agree is what we all need to be doing right now.

The album from start to finish is a lyrical work of art and I’d like to take this time to revisit some personal stand out tracks which I highly recommend you take a listen to if you haven’t already. I’d start with the self titled track ‘Satisfying The Ritual’ which was described by Jonny as:

“A whirlwind of lyrics covering all subjects from destiny, psychology, fear, to missing planes and doomed adventures, the lyrics capitulate the need we all have to discover, experiment, explore, take risks, succeed, fail and therefore satisfy our own rituals.”

The track is beautifully laced with some echoing, trippy sound effects, it shows a nice variation of their sound, as well as their influences. Completely atmospheric, the spacious sounds of guitar resonate throughout the whole track with clarity and intensity, whilst a slow throbbing drum beats in the background. It’s absolutely outstanding. This track really excites me for the sort of music TW will in the future go onto release. 

A song of despair turned to hope, ‘Show Me’ is another absolutely beautiful track. This anthem is pure, wistful, it’s piano, classic guitar strums, and croons from Jonny are just gorgeous.  The piano truly adds in the special touch, super chilled vibes and beautiful sounds, a modern masterpiece. 

‘I Am Immune’ is a very powerful track as Jonny explained…

” I am Immune, stands for immunity from the bad mouths, trolls and negative comments endured in the music industry. Packing a punch this song keeps you updated with what the band are and have always been, a high energy heavily punk inspired group. Taking a no shit from nobody approach works well in a world where jealousy is rife, and people can try to bring you down masked in their own homes using the internet as a way of abusing artists in public without them being able to do much about it. 

The whole album successfully express the passion and pain of being a human being through different trials and tribulations with riveting dissections of the human psyche and soul. The album tackles an array of current subjects such as the digital era, internet trolls, loneliness, the music industry and addiction all intertwined with a solid vein of positivity. The album is a pure masterclass, it’s emotional, it’s socially aware and above anything else it feels honest and real.

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Continuity in an album is important, but it’s a skill in itself to have each song distinct enough not to sound the same and Twisted Wheel have achieved that. They not only hit a personal best with this album but they’ve also set in stone the fact that they are still one of the most authentic and realest rock n roll bands who are worth their salt in the world today. 

Chatting with an upbeat and positive Jonny earlier, he had a message for all Twisted Wheel fans: 

“I wanna say a big thank you for buying the album if you did and helping it get into the top ten physical charts. It’s a shame we couldn’t tour the record but we’re all in the same boat aren’t we?! It was an absolute honour to tour the UK supporting Liam Gallagher on tour and play a handful of the songs before COVID. If you haven’t already listened to the record then get on it today and pass it on. It’s hard times at the moment for everyone but remember, there are always people suffering far more no matter how bad it gets for you. If you are struggling don’t be afraid to reach out. Things will get better. God bless, Jonny.”
Photo: Paul Gallagher

Photo: Paul Gallagher

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Formed in Greater Manchester in 2008 and fronted by the feral Jonny Brown, Twisted Wheel have long been waving the flag for rock’n’roll in 21st Century. Standing out from the pack with early anthems such as ‘You Stole The Sun’, ‘She’s a Weapon’ and ‘Strife’, the band earned a cult and devoted following almost instantaneously, and were signed up to label big-boys Sony for their strident s/t debut album. With an irrepressible energy and gutsy live reputation, early in their career Twisted Wheel were invited to support music titans the likes of Oasis, Kasabian, Paul Weller, Happy Mondays and Ian Brown to name but a few, and enjoyed sold-out tours in the UK and overseas in their own right. However, intense wall-to-wall touring schedules and a matching hedonistic lifestyle would see them rolled, smashed-up and even set on fire and they inevitably took their toll. Twisted Wheel split in 2013. Some 5 years later, Twisted Wheel returned refreshed and with a renewed sense of purpose. With Jonny still at the helm, the band were greeted open-armed by their unwavering fanbase and embarked on the hugely successful ‘Snakes and Ladders’ comeback tour. Since then, the band have made high profile appearances at some of the UK’s most major festivals including Reading & Leeds, Kendal Calling and EH6, alongside huge gigs at the likes of Finsbury Park and Old Trafford supporting Liam Gallagher. In March 2020, Twisted Wheel released their much anticipated new album: ‘Satisfying the Ritual’ and supported Liam Gallagher on his European tour.




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