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Today, has been a great day for Liverpudlian band Red Rum Club, infact its been a great week. They announced very exciting news earlier, that they had signed to label Modern Sky UK joining the likes of Calva Louise, No Hot Ashes and The Slow Readers Club but to name a few. With a knock out Isle of Wight Festival performance at the weekend for This Feeling, Pirate Studios and Pretty Green under their belt, I think we can safely say that the band are all totally buzzing right now.

BIO: Red Rum Club are a sextet from Liverpool, combing sounds of old and new channelling ‘Tarntino-esque’ wild western vibes with the help of a solitary trumpet. Liverpool influenced they deliver a modern twist of poetic yet catchy lyrics and melodies that blend to make the sound that is unmistakably, Red Rum Club. 

I caught up with the guys to ask them ten things about their weekend.   

Where are you right now and what are you doing?

Backstage at This Feeling, Pirate Studios, Pretty Green Stage. Simon is topless trying to get a tan, Mike is asleep in the shade with sunstroke, Neil, Tom and Fran and having a kick about and Joe is somewhere in the festival absolutely flying.

What was your main highlight from the whole weekend?

Probably playing for us. It was our first time playing at Isle of Wight and playing a festival of that size so definitely that was the highlight of our weekend.


Loads of footy fans over the weekend on the island, who’s going to win the World Cup?

It’s coming home…Nah Brazil.

Funniest story of the weekend?

When we got back to our tents Friday night we had a few drinks and tried to get a little fire going. Some jobs worth came over and told us it was illegal to have a fire and told us we were up too late and we all needed to go to bed. One of the security staff members came over and told the fella to piss off and helped us get our fire going.

You’ve got a main-stage slot and you have to cover one song, what is it and why?

Down In Mexico – The Coasters. Because we once wore a red bandana, played a blues piano, in a honky-tonk, down in Mexico.

Best band of the weekend? 

Has to be Nile Rodgers and Chic. Closely followed by our mates Yves. We didn’t get to see many bands to be honest we were pretty busy, but you have to drop all plans for Nile Rodgers.


You are booking your own festival, who headlines Fri/Sat/Sun?

Friday – Childish Gambino,  Saturday – Red Rum Club,  Sunday – ABBA.

One song of yours that would blow new fans minds?

Calexico. That tune encompasses everything about us. Plus a little known fact is that if you play it backwards its actually Doctor Jones by Aqua.

Peter Crouch was spotted around the festival all weekend, did you get to chat to him and if you could ask him anything what would it be?

We spoke to him backstage. Si doesn’t really watch footy and thought he was Rodney from Only Fools and Horses. Thought it was probably best to stay clear from him after that.


Finally, whats next for Red Rum Club?

We are in Tynemouth on 6th July and then Manchester on the 8th. After that we have a few festivals like Tramlines, LIMF, Truck and Y-Not. Then a headline tour during September and October all around the whole of the world.

Tickets for the bands headline show at Liverpools O2 Academy show are on sale now here:


BEVVY: Red Stripe


BEST FESTIVAL FRONTMAN/WOMAN (DEAD OR ALIVE): Freddie Mercury, preferably alive.

GUILTY FESTIVAL PLEASURE: Dolly Parton doing the legends slot at Glasto.

THREADS: Pair of black ASOS jeans. They go with anything. They have to be ASOS though because we are after an endorsement or at least some free clobber.




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