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From an early age, I’ve always loved festivals and I still can’t think of a better way to spend my weekend, caked in mud, surrounded by my best friends and listening to my favourite music. Now at 36, I’m a mother to three of my own children aged between 12 and 18 and in the past two years become a step mother to a gorgeous little girl called Lillia who’s 3. For most of us when we’ve settled down and had children a festival is probably the last place most of us can think of to take our children but whilst researching the Isle Of Wight festival I saw that it had won awards for been the best family friendly festival and that children go free – it got my brain ticking. Last year was brilliant and I saw lots of children… The teenage boys don’t want to go but how about taking Lillia? Hmmm… how on earth would we do it? I’m working anyway so its not like I’m going to be downing pints or staying up till 3 in the morning I thought… (unfortunately ha). 

With all this racing around my mind, I headed over to the Isle of Wight website and saw that the festival seem to have everything covered to accommodate young children including a space hopper disco, circus workshops and a craft tent for our little ones. They can also dress up which I know Lillia loves. Peppa Pig is even making an appearance on Saturday which I know will go down a treat (well, at least with some of the children, we once queued for an hour to see the Teletubbies and when we reached the front Lillia started screaming! So we may pass…)

Kid’s can get into the festival spirit with an outfit from the fabulous ‘Kids Dressing Up Tent’, head off to the ‘Face-Painting Tent’ for some festival style decoration, with tattoos, hair-braids, glitter and face-paints and then leap in front of the Photo Wall, grab a prop and strike a pose!

So, after a little deliberation, I bit the bullet and I contacted the press at IOW and asked what they thought about us doing a festival review through my daughters three year old eyes as well as my own and hey ho she’s on our ticket and it’s happening.

Ear defenders at the ready, I must admit I have really enjoyed festival shopping for her and it’s so cute that she keeps saying ‘When are we going to see Liam Gallagher?’ 

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So, as I’m covering my job through the day Lillia and her Dad will be checking out everything the festival has to offer for children as well as catching a few bands (Lillia loves girls with guitars – I’ve taught her well) and I’ll be sharing their experience. Keep your eyes on our socials for all the fun we’re going to be having!

We’re not that brave to camp however so I won’t be able to tell you much about camping at a festival as we’ll be staying in Ryde (but between you and me thats nothing to do with Lillia…).

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If you are also feeling brave (or crazy) and want to take the plunge too you can join us for the day, sadly weekend tickets are sold out but day tickets are available here:

All children activity information is here:


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