Spring seems as good a time as any to highlight some new bands for your delectation, I recently caught up with Scott Forsyth, guitarist and backing vocalist of The Lightscopes. The Lightscopes were formed in 2015 out of the ashes of a previous band. They started off as a 3 piece band including a guitarist/lead vocalist, bass player and drummer. After a while it was decided that a singer was needed after their guitarist Scott, no longer wanted to do lead vocals and instead, wanted to focus on guitar playing. Eventually, the band found a singer they were happy with and who fit the band’s style perfectly. This would be Tom McCarthy (Macca), this new addition would lead to the beginning of things to come and a lineup that stayed unchanged until 2017, which saw the unexpected departure of their drummer. Unperturbed, he was quickly replaced and the lads found new drummer Aaron Palmer who also contributes to backing vocals. The band were dealt with another departure in early 2019 after the release of their debut single ‘In My Head’ when their bass player decided to leave. Since then, the band are currently looking for a bass player, however, this has not stopped the band gigging or striving forwards, and it is evident this band are pretty resilient. In such a cut-throat industry, one can really feel a great deal of admiration towards this band. Their desire to pursue their passion and express themselves truly is a testament to their character and sheer dedication.  In terms of songwriting, Scott tells me:

“That has changed over the past couple of years, it used to be that both Tom and I would write songs and bring them into the studio as nearly fully formed songs and we’d go from there. However, as we have grown as musicians, we have been writing together and forming the songs in a different way. Whether that be as a result of a jam in the studio or an idea that either Tom or I may have had, and then we work on it as a whole in order to bring it together. This seems to be getting the best out of the songs by writing this way, the band have much more freedom in expressing themselves.”
In terms of inspiration, The Lightscopes are influenced by a few iconic bands, to say the least. With the likes of Oasis, The Jam, Sex Pistols, The Who and The Enemy all contributing to the ever increasingly addictive sound these lads are producing. 
“Some bands on the scene we are really into are Wolf Alice and Black Honey. It’s great to see female-fronted bands and it’s something we need to see more of. The music from both of these bands are just mega. Another band who is impressing us at the moment are a band called Spinner, their debut EP is brilliant and worth checking out! Basically, we just want to get out there and make people feel great and alive. We feel there are lots of great bands out there at the moment but we are a bit different, and we wanna put our own individual stamp on the scene and hopefully make it mean something to people.” 
The lads are currently working on lots of new material behind the scenes, and are getting ready to go back into the studio in June to record their second single. Beyond that will be their first EP, then more songwriting for future releases. The Lightscopes still have a few gigs ahead of them later on in the year. Their upcoming gigs are 30th May 2019 Edge Bar Basildon, Essex, 29th June 2019 The Alex in Southend On Sea, Essex, 19th July 2019 Hideaways in Chelmsford, Essex, and finally, 3rd August at Chinnery’s in Southend On Sea, Essex. The band have supported some great bands over the past couple of years. Some of these include The Get Go, Friends Of Luca Brasi and The Boss. They are also due to support some great bands at upcoming gigs such as; The Theme and Doojip. Describing their sound Scott tells me:
“We are a mix of British Guitar driven music, Indie, Punk and Mod. That’s the best way to describe us and how our music been described by others in the past so we think that covers it!”
In terms of their latest track, they currently have a debut single out ‘In My Head‘ which came out a few months back as an official track. The band are venturing back into the studio in June to compile their 2nd single. The lads have also released via their Sound Cloud, an acoustic version of one of their more recent tracks called ‘Troubled Man‘ from a live radio broadcast they did, however, it hasn’t officially been released yet.

The Lightscopes truly are one of the most humble bands out there. I can’t help but feel we need to be on the lookout for these lads. Their explosive charisma and non-defeatist attitude prove they are worthy of their big opportunity on the scene. overcoming times of adversity, they are the perfect example of commitment and dedication, and I highly recommend you see for yourselves.


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/thelightscopes/



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