With their infectious melodies and clever lyrics, Walls are fresh on the scene and are a raucous indie rock four piece from South Yorkshire. They are a classic indie rock band with a slightly heavy, rough edge that will blow your minds. Their tracks ooze confidence and have that dirty rock’n’roll vibe that any fans of Oasis, Libertines, Kasabian, Joy Division and The Smiths will love.

The band is made up of Cameron Scott (guitar/vocals) Bradley Jackson (guitar/vocals) Kyle Matthews (bass) and Lewis Dix (drums) they are relatively new, having only been together just under a year. The beginning of this year will see the band record their first single and continue to gig relentlessly to grow their fanbase.


Their energy and attitude collectively as a band is undeniable and are one of the country’s most promising new bands.

I caught up with them to find out a little more…

How did you form?

Lewis: Well it all started at Tramlines 2018, we were talking about music and decided to form a four-piece band. Kyle got demoted to bass cause he was only one who’d bite the bullet and play bass. A right commitment the band.

What inspired you to form a band?

Kyle: We were watching bands at Tramlines fringe and thought fucking hell we could be doing this shit and ten times better.

Lewis: There’s no new rock n roll stars about anymore, we need someone to grab by the scruff of the neck. Working-class Northern bands appeal to people like us and we gotta do all we can to bring that back.

Kyle: Most bands from down south are full of shit and posh cunts. They’re run of the mill bollocks its time the North rose again.

When it comes to writing where do you get your inspiration?

Cameron: I take inspiration from various art forms of literature and films as well as music, in the style of Morrissey.

What is Walls message to the world, what are you trying to get across?

Cameron: Get fucking ready rock ‘n’ roll is back.

What do you think is missing from the current music scene?

Bradley: Attitude.

Cameron: Fuck knows, it’s not like there’s anything missing really. It used to be all about “Here’s a gap in the market for this new genre like grunge or punk” but now anyone can make music so in reality – what’s not missing from the current music scene? It’s too cluttered. The charts need to be reformed and the shite needs to be filtered out.

What is the music scene like in your town? Where do you go to hear new music?

Kyle: My bedroom.

Cameron: Our practise.

Lewis: Pornhub.

Bradley: Tesco FM.

As a young band, what’s the most important thing that the listener takes away from your lyrics and music? What would you say your main message as a band is?

Cameron: There is hope in Rock ‘n’ roll. I want my lyrics to be running around peoples brain like a fucking disease.

Do you think it’s tough to get recognised in the digital age we now live in? How do you as a band tackle this?

Cameron: Although everyone’s glued to there phone and its a great new platform to promote your music anyone can release anything and its dredged up with the sludge we call popular music.

How would you describe Walls sound?

Cameron: Classic rock n roll with a modern edge.

What is up and coming for walls?

Cameron: Two groundbreaking singles and plenty of earth-shattering gigs.

What’s the ultimate dream?

Cameron: Recording a live album at Wembley.

Kyle: Make some quick cash.

Lewis: Make a record that stands the test of time and be loved by generations.

Next gigs, future plans?

Cameron: Well, I’ve got two albums worth of songs written and we’ve plenty learnt for some cracking gigs. We’re looking to record a single next month and release it the following month.

Lewis: Gigwise. We’re playing this Friday with Frestan at Opium in Barnsley and on Saturday at the Independent in Sunderland with Stray Scene. We’re really looking forward to playing London at Dublin Castle and Brighton for End Of Trail Creative. Get on our socials for all dates.











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