The Jjohns (pronounced ‘Johns’) are a four-piece indie/rock band formed of brothers Mik and Dom Dunning, Ste Brannigan and Sam Burkett.
The band’s sound, laced with harmonies and electric-acoustic melodies, is highly influenced by the Mersey-beat era and Liverpudlian bands such as The La’s, Cast, Gerry and the Pacemakers and The Beatles. 
Please introduce yourselves to our readers, who you are, what you play and how you formed? 
Hello, readers, we are The Jjohns a band from Liverpool formed in late 2015 and I’m Dominic who will be answering the questions. I sing lead vocals and play the guitar. Then we have Mike my brother who sings vocals and plays guitar. Our bass player is Bernard the youngest brother who replaced Ste Brannigan our original bass player, Bernard is pretty new to the game and to our band starting late 2017 but has picked up playing pretty well, then we have drummer Sam who has been with us since mid 2016 after our original drummer left due to commitment issues.
What style of music would you describe yourself as and what influences do you draw upon? 
The band initially started with me and my brother Michael just playing songs and singing anything in our backroom, Mik would play mainly as he learned the guitar earlier than me so I would then harmonise with him on songs like Bee-Gees, Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers etc. Mik then bought me a guitar and encourages me to learn it which took me a little time but as I was learning I found it more enjoyable writing my own words to any new chord I could find so that began us to write catchy simple melodies then I would write lyrics over it. We began to play open mic nights and people started to notice giving advice to us, most of our audience was suggesting our songs suit a full band scenario so that’s what we done. Mik got his friend in to play drums and then the bass followed. What started out as us jamming lead to more gigs, more exposure and a lot more fans.

What style of music would you describe yourself as and what influences do you draw upon? 
Our style of music is Mersey sound our own proclamation all be it haha. Mersey sound would be similar to the 60s but not exactly the same the other elements mixing in Britpop influence. A bit of blues mixed in with our drummers line of heavy metal it comes together as a perfect recipe for a great sounding band which I believe we are.
What are you currently up to at the moment music-wise?
At the moment musically we’re preparing for the Cavern gig on the 30th of October that’s all we have our sights set on at the moment. Myself though, I’m always listening to new things trying to stay creative you know, always looking to improve on the guitar and broaden myself musically.

And outside of music, how’s life in general?
Outside of music my life mainly consists of my work which is caring for children, so it’s kind of incessant when it comes to interviewing with our music but hey ho that’s life, and it’s not all bad looking after children is rewarding and I can bring elements of my music for the kids I look after which is good. Michael works as a teacher in school. Sam is the same job as me and youngest brother Bernard the bass player is a professional drunk at Chester uni. He gets his student loan then gets pissed, you never see him then all of a sudden when he has no money left from all his nights out he turns up at the door sponging off us again haha. So yeah in general outside of music life’s good.
Would you rather live in a Yellow Submarine or an Octopus’s Garden and why? 
I’d rather live in an Octopuses Garden imagining the question means I can breathe under water, yeah being a sea creature would be class. Plus I do prefer that song as well, nice tune from Ringo that, lovely opening riff.
What’s the happiest lyric you’ve ever written?
Tough one. I’m kind of on pessimistic in my outcome of life but try and put an upbeat melody to my lyrics to take the sting out of it. My happiest will be ‘Queen of County Road. The whole song is about my Nan who was my hero and a pure angel. All lines in it explains just the joy and happiness of having her there… “Haven’t you all been told about the Queen of County Road, the best dressed girl around, her smile lit up the town, she was so fine….. ” And that’s your opening verse leading to a very positive ode to my Nan. Plus it was my first I wrote.
And the saddest…? 
And saddest, lots. Probably the whole song called “Never Mind Ey” which we haven’t gotten out yet but it’s a dark song. Also I have a song “Nest Of Sorrow” which people may relate to. Okay lyric wise well, “Lucy” isn’t it? If you’ve heard I’m telling a girl I’m with “I wanna see you dead” through just sheer jealousy of losing her. My insecurities mainly, but that’s what you write about isn’t it? You faults and flawss, ain’t no one perfect. I do recover it later in the song though by saying “It’s all just in my head” but either way my intention is there for all to see… So watch out muhuhahahah… 

What’s the best venue you’ve played so far and what’s would be your dream venue? 
Best venue we’ve played so far was the O2 in Liverpool very early on, great gig that was, apart from the promoters who were charging ridiculous prices for the tickets but The Jjohns army turned up in full support regardless. Another venue I really enjoyed was downstairs in the original Jacaranda, and we done one around last Christmas in Jac Phase 1 which was another brilliant gig. The question of venue I have to  answer going on how our fans did on the night and how enjoyable the gig was so yeah… They are my 3. Two Jacs and O2 academy just on sound alone it was unreal. My dream venue to play personally will probably be any Blue’s house in the Delta area’s of America, maybe somewhere Robert Johnson walked you know. Or BB, Son House, Steve Ray, Jimi, all the blues heroes, anywhere in deprived areas of America where music still has rhythm, still has belief, still has skill, still has soul, that’s a dream venue. Smoking a cigar and sipping whiskey with any bluesman in any blues bar in America. Ooooooo you gotta love that. Let’s have a jam at the crossroads in Mississippi with the devil himself. 
If you could support any band, past or present who would it be and why? 
Any band past or present, I would love I support Peter Greens, Fleetwood Mac. Just sit and watch him play the guitar, he’s my hero. Funny enough the man who replaced him Lindsey Buckingham is Miks guitar hero so you only need that one band Fleetwood Mac, any version of that band from the album, then play onto Rumours, me and Mik would be delighted. 
What’s the best thing about being in a band? 
The best thing about being in a band is playing your own tunes in front of new people every gig. Music is the only thing that can universally bring cultures, religions, races and so on all together. Music is the universal language and always will be. You could take a room full of enemies and I bet one song could bring them together. 
And the hardest…? 
And the worst thing is having to drive ourselves to every gig (well, mainly Mik) Where’s our Roadie man? We wanna get pissed on route to the gig, not drive. Any takers? Drivers advertise and send an email to @thejjohns, we‘ll pay you well haha. To be fair all getting together for a practice is hard enough aswell!
Sum your band up in three words? 
What tune should readers listen to right now that sums you up the best?
“Wreckage”, no “So Alone”… Ahhh I dunno all of them sum us up best… There all tunes, go listen readers.

The band play for This Feeling in Liverpool on the 30th November supporting The Clause. Tickets at www.thisfeeling.co.uk

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Twitter is @thejjohns  

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