The Institutes are a four-piece Indie, Alternative band from Coventry. Consisting of lead singer, Reid Currie; Guitar and vocals, Andy Hall; Bass, Andy Lowe; Drums, Kirk Savage. Peaceful, melodic, eclectic. This band’s lyrics are loaded with a creative, intimate insight into life and love. Any fans of Noel Gallagher’s latest album will love The Institutes latest release ‘Caught In A Dream’. Calming, yet explosive psych influenced rock that’ll get you hooked, start to finish. Keep an eye out for these lads. 

What do you want our readers to know about The Institutes?

We’re four lads from Coventry who’ve struggled to find new music we really wanted to listen to in recent years, and so decided to make our own. We’re really passionate about making really good, solid tunes that people can dance, sing along to and relate to. That’s all The Institutes is, really.

Your latest release on Spotify ‘Caught In A  Dream’ has racked up a good amount of listens and rightly so. Can we expect more of this in future?

We hope so! Our next single, Alleyways is being released on 31st January. That song is a really good example of something we could have taken anywhere when we were writing it. It could have been 7 or 8 minutes long but we decided to keep it simple, upbeat but still heartfelt. We’re recording our album right now and that ethos of simplicity has really stuck. Every song we write we’re constantly asking ourselves; “can people sing along to it?” which seems to be a good place to start, whether it’s a banger like CIAD or a slower, gentler tune like some of our others.

Who would you say are your musical influences?

They’re varied but it’s fairly obvious what bands we’re into like Stone Roses, The Verve and Doves. We’re working-class lads and remain in love with that 90s working-class sound.

If you could resurrect one musician to have a chat and a cuppa’ with, who would you choose? 

Tom Petty. All-day long.

What’s your local music scene like, is there a lot of competition?

There are some great bands and some great places to play in Coventry. I wouldn’t use the word competition but there’s a healthy level of rivalry.

What’s your dream venue to play?

Any venue with an awesome group of music fans. 


Pic: Melli Foris

Away from music, what do you all enjoy doing in your spare time?

We’re all massive Coventry City fans. We love football. Our first gig was in Birmingham, the singer, Reid got wasted before we went on stage and ended up forgetting all the songs and was just chanting Cov songs and prompting the crowd to chant back. The locals didn’t really appreciate it! Haha!

What’s the favourite lyric you’ve written?

We’re all really into the lyrics of Alleyways, our next single. Really nostalgic, a sense of hope and defiance but with an overtone of despair.

What’s the best thing about being in a band?

You could be having the worst day in the worst week of your life, but the half hour or hour you spend on stage takes you away from all of that. It makes all of it worth it. Up there, with your pals, making music you love to total strangers. It’s the best thing. 

And the worst?

Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting… for soundcheck, for your set to start, for people to get back to you… waiting is definitely the worst.

Sum yourself up in three words

Good. Honest. Music.

The bands next single ‘Alleyways’ will be released through These Bloody Thieves Records on 31st Jan 2020.  Catch them live in London on 16th Jan for Kick Out The Jams at Dublin Castle https://www.facebook.com/events/559101191600726/








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