PUKK is the madness and frustration of Singer / Songwriter Joe Chalmers with drummer Mark Beamson and long term collaborator, producer Gavin Monaghan. Originally called Pissed Up Karaoke or P.U.K for short, the name changed as a Finnish metal band already used the name Puk. An extra K was added and what began as a laugh gathered momentum and national radio from Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson’s BBC6 radio show. Self-released on Tidy Karma Recordings, most of the costs are kept down by a DIY punk ethic. Cover art, promotion, video clips and admin are done in house. If you can’t afford to pay someone to do it for you, do it yourself. It’s been a learning curve. So far they have released the album FECKLESS, an EP and a handful of singles. Their second album SEVEN FOR A SECRET is out New Year’s Day 2020. It’s a concept album with each track adding to the story of two murders in a small town. It was never going to be straight forward. Thankfully.


Introduce yourself…
Joe: I started PUKK in 2016 as a singer / songwriter. I’d written a bunch of songs on an acoustic and wanted to get a professional finish to them. I’d played in a couple of ‘mate’ bands when I was younger. Fat Freddy’s Cat in 1990/91 where I wrote a couple of very bad songs and played drums just as badly, then again with friends in a Britpop covers band that was tentatively titled ‘Definitely Madeley’ as Madeley’s where we used to practice. Nothing came of either band and we all got on with life, as you do. There was still an itch that needed scratching which over the years I’d drunkenly procrastinate about every now and then. In 2016 aged 44 I scraped together a few quid and reached out to producer Gavin Monaghan (Editors, The Twang, The Sherlocks). It was my first time in a studio and I got in touch with an old mate from college who played drums in a local band. At that point I’d never actually heard him play drums and assumed he could seeing as he played regularly in a band. Mark Beamson joined us in the studio and luckily it turned out he could actually play. Mark is also a singer songwriter in his own right as well as drummer for The Goldroom. The name PUKK started life as ‘Pissed Up Karaoke’ or PUK for short. A 4 track demo I recorded one drunken evening was labelled up ‘Pissed Up Karaoke’ on listening to it the next day when completely sober. It was changed to PUKK to stop any confusion with Finnish metal band Puk shortly after.
What style of music…
 Joe: Hard to say as it’s a wood for trees situation. We’ve been labelled as Indie, Alternative, Alt-Country and Dirty Blues. There are guitars involved which is about as much of a label as I can muster. I was raised on the vinyl that my Mom used to play in the 70’s/80’s. The Beatles red and blue compilations, Motown / Stax compilations and Blondie were played a lot. When I started buying my own music it was old school hip hop and loud indie guitar bands. That comes through in everything I write.
Current up to music wise…
Joe: Currently putting the finishing touches to the second album titled ‘Seven For A Secret’. It’s a concept album that tells the story of 2 murders in a small town. No idea how it started but it’s almost complete. It’ll be released New Year’s day 2020 in all digital stores and streaming platforms. A replica vinyl CD will be available from with 2 bonus tracks. After that, there are no plans.
How’s life outside of music?
 Mark: Great if you don’t mind cleaning piss out of steam rooms! (Mark is a leisure centre manager by day)
Joe: It’s not so much the piss in my job, there’s plenty of shite though. You’d hope it’s dog shit and not human. I look after some proper dodgy areas so it could be either to be fair. Other than that life’s peachy as a landscape gardener.
Happiest Lyric…
 Joe: ‘Heart burn, sun burn, your turn to rub it in again / Over done the sun, the bar and the eat all you can’. – After Sun
Saddest Lyric…
 Joe: ‘I was born in fire, baptised in boiling water / As a Fatherless Son spawned by a drink disorder’ – The Ballad Of Broken Bones
Yellow Submarine or an Octopus Garden?
 Mark: Octopus Garden always, drummer’s alliance and all that.
Joe: Definitely Octopus Garden. Peace and love, peace and love.
Best venue / dream venue…
Joe: Never played live as PUKK and it’s not on the cards either. I’ve got zero interest in performing live or fame come to that. Never been arsed about the spotlight or validation. I guess the dream venue is a Glasto stage. Box ticked then back to work.
Support any band past/present…
Mark: Motley Crue, only for the leftovers.
Joe: Nirvana. If you’re going to be blown off stage and then get to watch legends up close, that’s the gig.
The best thing being in a band?
 Mark: Shared passion.
Joe: Creating and executing mad ideas then hearing them on the radio.
The hardest thing in a band?
Joe: The hardest thing is finding spare cash for studio time. I’ve sold anything of worth to finance two albums but it’s been totally worth it.
Sum up the band in 3 words…
Mark: Joe and Beamo.
Joe: Rolling the dice.
What tune should readers listen to…
Mark: All The stops
Joe: No Place Like. This was the first self-produced single, recorded and mixed in a bedroom on cheap gear after watching ‘How To’ videos. A DIY ethic sums PUKK up pretty well. If you can’t afford to pay someone to do it for you, learn how and get amongst it. If you never try you’ll never know.



Mark: Damon
Joe: Bonehead
Mark: Jezza
Joe: I’ve got more faith in my ability to piss straight in a hurricane than any MP’s ability to see past their own self-interests. (Jess Phillips excluded. In fact, put her in charge now please.)
Mark: No
Joe: Yes
Mark: Beatles
Joe: Beatles



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