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Frestan first came to my attention earlier this year. The band played for me at a charity gig in Sheffield ‘A Night For Danny’ in November and impressed everyone with their unique sound. The sounds that come from Frestan are not what you expect, I am always on the lookout for the unique and I definitely believe that this band have just that. The chemistry between rhythm guitarist Jake and frontman Lewis is one of genuine beauty and reminds me of the relationship between Pete Doherty and Carl Barat of The Libertines. I caught up with Lewis for a quick chat to get a bit more of a feel from the horse’s mouth what Frestan are about…

Please introduce yourselves to our readers, who you are, what you play and how you formed?

We are Frestan (used to be called Mendacium) from Barnsley. We are an indie/Rock band and formed through 2 old bands and made the new one.

What style of music would you describe yourself as and what influences do you draw upon?

Indie/Rock/Punk. Oasis, The Stone Roses, Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Milburn, Joy Division, New Order, Libertines, Babyshambles, Blur, The Twang and loads more.


What are you currently up to at the moment music-wise?

We are currently writing new material and are just recording our debut EP. We’re also releasing our debut single at our headline gig at Opium Barnsley on 28th feb.

And outside of music, how’s life in general?

Not bad, life’s always better in music!!


What’s the happiest/saddest lyric you’ve ever written?

Individuals have different feelings so lyrics that would be sad to us might be happy for others, so we would sooner not make them sad or happy and let the listeners decide.

Would you rather live in a Yellow Submarine or an Octopus’s Garden and why?

Octopus’s Garden.

What’s the best venue you’ve played so far and what’s would be your dream venue?

O2 Academy Sheffield and Albert Hall Manchester.

If you could support any band, past or present who would it be and why?

Oasis, beause they were the best band to walk the earth. 


What’s the best thing about being in a band?

Making music with your friends and been able to play it the beautiful people that come watch you.

And the hardest…?

Getting your name out there is a big struggle no matter how good you are and it’s expensive to run a band when you don’t get paid for gigs.

Sum your band/act up in three words?



What tune should readers listen to right now that sums you up the best?

Take A Record (Put It On). 

You can follow Frestan on their socials to keep uptodate below… 


Liam or Noel?

Fucking Liam.

Boris or Jezza?

Don’t give a fuck about politics.

Pineapple on pizza – yes or not?


Beatles or Stones?

Obviously fucking Beatles.





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