The Banshees are a four piece, Indie Rock band from Liverpool, formed by Singer/Songwriter Vinny Pereira and Session Guitarist Paul Holligan. Their first EP ‘Self Medicated’ was released in May 2019 and they’re due to drop their second EP ‘Tell Me Everything’ in March.

Although the band are fairly new to the scene, they’re not strangers in the music industry. Vinny has been in several bands throughout his career and supported some big names. Such as; Chris Helme (The Seahorses) and The Bluetones. He’s also produced and recorded music for various other artists.

Paul has a history of being a session Guitarist and has played for Pete Best. He’s supported Noel Gallagher and members of Inspiral carpets. Stephen, the bass guitarist has also toured with The Pete Best Band and Noel. Impressive huh? The drummer, James has played successfully in various bands from Liverpool in his early life.

The bands history and experience in the music industry shines through in their music. ‘Self Medicated is definitely my favourite of their released tracks. If you love The Coral, Noel Gallagher, The Beatles. You’ll LOVE this band. ‘Self Medicated’ has a Beatles vibe, it’s a sing-a-long tune that’ll without a doubt, go down a storm at their shows. Vinny’s voice is familiar yet raw and it compliments the lyrics on the track.

What I really love about this band is that they’re clearly so passionate about music and have individually had their own successes, now they’ve come together to make something special, which is exactly what they’ve done.  They describe themselves as the heart, soul, hope and belief that better things are yet to come, which definitely will resonate with a lot of people in the North of England, where music is SO important. If you don’t know about The Banshees yet, get to know.







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