The Stray Pursuit are a four-piece, Swansea based Indie rock band. Consisting of lead singer, Aaron Morgan; lead guitarist, Dylan Evans; bass, Fred Wilkinson; drums, Nicky Bevan. Fairly new to the music scene but not lacking in quality releases with an ever-growing fan base. Their latest single ‘I Don’t Know’ is one for the playlists. From selling out venues in their home city of Swansea to drawing in a huge crowd at POBL Music Festival back in August, these boys have set the bar high. They also made This Feelings ‘Big In 2020’ playing at Clwb Ifor Bach last week

What do you want our readers to know about The Stray Pursuit?

We’re a new, young Indie rock band characterized by loud guitar riffs and energetic live performances. We have big aspirations and after a busy first year together, This Feeling has deemed us one of their sixty-six UK bands to be “Big in 2020” and it’s fair to say we’re excited for the year to come.

What’s band life like?

As we’re all either still in full-time education or working full time, the ‘rock n roll’ lifestyle, young idiots like ourselves dream of with constant gigs and tours are not yet in play. We won’t stop until we get there though!

What’s the best venue you’ve played so far?

We recently played our first gig outside of Wales at The Dublin Castle, Camden. In terms of the history of the venue, we felt that playing here was a great milestone moment for us at the end of our first year.

What venue do you hope to play in future?

Like every young band with big dreams, of course, we’d say The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury! But, we like to keep goals realistic to where we are now. Playing in venues such as Tramshed in Cardiff would be a great achievement to us, having watched so many incredible bands play there and go on to have successful music careers.

Who would you say are your musical influences?

As a band, we have an eclectic taste in music individually but all find our tastes overlap with bands such as Stereophonics, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Guns & Roses.


Your first two singles were a slightly different vibe to your most recent ‘I Don’t Know’. What can we expect from you in the future?

We are still constantly developing our sound, but we feel “I Don’t Know” sits between the two styles of our previous singles. It has some of the catchy melodies we tried creating in “Out of This World” and more of the focus on musicianship and technicality we tried to incorporate into “Mess with My Head”.

If you could resurrect one musician for a chat and a cuppa, who would you choose?

Our answers would a little vary here, but John Lennon is a legend we can all agree that given the opportunity we’d simply have to choose him for a chat.

What’s your local music scene like, is there a lot of competition?

To be truthful, the music scene in Swansea isn’t as strong as a young band may hope for compared to some cities in the UK, but it is certainly growing! Having said that we have been extremely lucky developing a fan base here that we are amazingly grateful for. With some great music venues and great individuals pushing to improve it, we are proud to be a part of the Swansea music scene amongst some very talented bands and artists.

What’s the most favourite lyric you’ve written?

Rather on the dark side this one, it’s a little bit different from us but probably one of our favourite lines, it has feeling to fit the song; “I’m standing on the edge, waiting for a break can someone come and save me, before it gets too late.” – from an unreleased acoustic track called “Tonight”.

Away from music, what do you like doing in your spare time?

Amongst us, we have an accountant, a footballer, a geographer, and an electrician. We all enjoy a night out, to say the least, and we keep a good balance by often socializing with our other friends. Although, this is more so we don’t end up wanting to put each other’s heads through a wall. We’re all quite different people, music being the reason any of us have ever even been in the same room.

Sum yourself up in three words…

Loud. Attitude. Driven.









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