Up and Coming North Eastern Indie Rock and Roll Band Plastic Glass released their latest single Come Clean last year and has so far received Track of the Day from This Feeling and been played on BBC 6 Music. They have also announced their first ever run of UK dates and are playing some northern cities. As well as the already announced headline show at Think Tank, Newcastle they also play Manchester, Glasgow, Sheffield, Stockton and Leeds. I caught up with the guys to get to know a little more about the band.

Please introduce yourselves to our readers, who you are, what you play and how you formed? 
We are Plastic Glass, consisting of Lewis Conlin (Lead Vocal and Rhythm Guitar), Dylan Abbott (Lead Guitar), Ben Richardson (Bass) and Frazer Graham (Drums). Ben, Dylan and Frazer met in secondary school and were in several bands together including playing as backing band for young singer-songwriter ‘Tom Mouse Smith.’ Playing with Tom lead to slots at festivals such as Kendal Calling and supporting acts such as The Blockheads. We then met Lewis when one of their old bands was in a local talent competition where Lewis had also entered as a solo singer. We had stayed in touch so months after the competition we got together and formed Plastic Glass. 
What style of music would you describe yourself as and what influences do you draw upon? 
Our general sound would probably be described as indie rock however our latest single ‘Come Clean’ definitely has hints of Punk music. Our influences are fairly broad across the band as Lewis’ vocal resembles that of 90’s acts such as John Power from Cast whereas Dylan’s guitar draws influences from players such as Jimi Hendrix and John Squire of The Stone Roses. 
What are you currently up to at the moment music-wise? 
Our new single ‘Come Clean’ came out last year. We went down to St Helen’s to record with production duo Sugar House who’d previously worked with bands such as Larkins, Stillia, Mint and Viola Beach, so we were buzzing about that. The song came out great and we’re currently writing new tunes, like always, grafting hard. 

And outside of music, how’s life in general? 
Life is good, we are all 18 so settling into full-time work and uni life. Dylan is studying music production at Leeds College of music whilst Ben is at Sunderland Uni studying events management and doing event promotion. So we’re all determined by a career in music. 
What’s the happiest lyric you’ve ever written?
And slide me a glance during a candlelit dance and I’ll whisper to you sweet nothings…
Although it might not seem it to you…
However, to me it means everything…
And the saddest…? 
When push comes to shove and you sober up and say ‘this is what I do for love’.
Would you rather live in a Yellow Submarine or an Octopus’s Garden and why? 
Yellow Submarine… you can sail many places and can stay there for long periods without drowning. Our friends are all aboard and many more of them live next door, so we’d never get lonely! Also, if the octopus doesn’t like you, you’re fucked. 
What’s the best venue you’ve played so far and what’s would be your dream venue? 
Coolest venue so far would probably be Think Tank in Newcastle, nice dark room with low ceilings, class venue. Ben, Dylan and Frazer did get a chance to play at the O2 Academy main room when with Tom Mouse Smith. Our dream venue to play would probably be Stadium of Light as massive aim, for 4 Sunderland lads a stadium show would be crazy! 
If you could support any band, past or present who would it be and why? 
Probably The Beatles as they’re just the best ever aren’t they. 
What’s the best thing about being in a band/solo artist? 
Getting to meet so many class people. We’ve managed to share the stage with class bands such as The K’s and The Snuts so far who have both been sound. We’ve also met loads of great other local bands and local promoters and made some great friends. 
And the hardest…? 
Getting noticed. You might put in so much effort and think something you’ve worked on is so good then nobody else even notices. Knocks you down but you’ve just gotta keep going. 
Sum your band/act up in three words? 
Energetic. Grafters. Hungry.
What tune should readers listen to right now that sums you up the best?
Our latest single ‘Come Clean’ out on all digital platforms. Also, watch the music video on YouTube, we think it’s class. 
Upcoming gigs?
Check out this poster and grab a ticket here:  www.plasticglass.band


Liam or Noel? Noel.
Boris or Jezza? Jezza.
Pineapple on pizza – yes or no? Split decision but gonna go for a yes. 
Beatles or Stones? Beatles.



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