I’d like to introduce you to a band that has a great reputation not only for their high energy live shows and addictive indie/garage/punk sound but also their very down to earth personas, a few weeks ago I got the opportunity to get to know north Manchester band Scuttlers a little better.  Their sound distorted guitar riffs and massive drums make for an infectious combo, one that is seeing the band continue and rise out of Manchester later this year.

Introduce yourselves to our readers, who you are, what you play and how you formed?

First off, we’d like to wish our best to the great readers of Northern Exposure. We are a group of 20-21 year old lads from Middleton, North Manchester called Scuttlers. We comprise of Kaiden Nolan (Vocals/Guitar), Liam Cleere (Vocals/Guitar), Jack Phillips (Bass Guitar) & Tom Ogg (Percussion). We formed after Kaiden & Liam had dreams of forming a band from childhood. And after finding Jack & Tom, the rest was history. We hit it off straight away.

What style of music would you describe yourself as and what influences do you draw upon?

I’d describe our first two singles as Rock n Roll. Straight up. For our next single we’re going a bit of piste, but don’t worry, we won’t fail to impress. Our influences stretch a long way. Everything from the philosophical lyrics of Eden Ahbez to the massive guitar sounds of Led Zeppelin, the patience and beauty of Elbows music can also be found if you dig deep enough into our live set and future tunes.



What’s the most happiest lyric you’ve ever written?

The first lyric that comes to mind is a line off of our latest single ‘There’s Nothing New’. The lyric reads “we’ll settle for today, for tomorrow we’ll dream”. It’s a homage to hope for a better future, but more so it depicts how we put off what we need to do to better ourselves most of the time for a later date.

And the saddest…?

The saddest lyric can be found on our first single ‘Lies in the Sky’. The second verse kicks off with “browse the web and look at the things you wish you had, and fight for a cause you think you know – everything about”. In 2019 everyone can be an expert on any subject because it’s the first time that everyone has had the world as a stage, and rather than dissect a subject using knowledge, all that is needed is cunning Whit with a sprinkle of insult or insanity for people to get engaged. Not exactly depressing, but most definitely sad.

Would you rather live in a Yellow Submarine or an Octopus’s Garden and why?

Yellow submarine, coz I couldn’t be arsed wearing an oxygen mask 24/7 in some octopus’ garden.

What’s the best venue you’ve played so far and what would be your dream venue?

The best venue we’ve played so far would be the Deaf Institute. Hands down, beautiful space for a show and when it’s full the atmospheres magnetic. Our dream venue would be the Ritz, but it turns out that is now a reality as we played there with the mighty Twisted Wheel back in November. So after that, we’d have to say River Plate.

Who would you love to support?

We’d love to support AC/DC. They’re about as iconic a rock band as you can get, plus they’re Austrian and fucking off their trolleys. If not them then Oasis in their heyday. Bands that are at the spearhead of cultural movements attract us too them because that’s what we plan to do in the coming years.

What’s the best thing about been in a band?

The best thing about being in a band is all the waiting around for sound-checks and especially when someone accidentally kicks a lead out of one of your pedals mid-song during a gig. We live for that stuff.

The hardest?

The hardest thing about being in a band is having four mates that would do anything for each other, that sit in a room together and magic happens like a gnome appearing out of thin air. Who in the world would want to deal with that shit every day?

Define your band in three words?

Era defining hoodrats.

What tune of yours would you say sums you up the best?

As we unfortunately only have two singles out at the moment (subject to change very soon) I’d say Lies in the Sky offers a broad prospectus into the songs we provide to the wider public. Our next few singles will hopefully be subconsciously pinned in your minds as some of your Spotify playlist highlights.

Next gigs?

We’ve some shows that we’ll be announcing very soon hitting London, Liverpool and Newcastle. Check our socials below.




PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA: Only if it’s thin-crust.

BEATLES OR STONES: Beatles all-day.









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