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Emerging into the London guitar scene like a bull in a china shop, Cavalcade have immediately started to create waves with their version of blistering Indie Rock and Roll.  Newly signed to indie label These Bloody Thieves Records and already packing venues inside the capital with their electric live shows, they have proved that the Cavalcade journey is one to watch. With their debut single ‘Alkaline’ being John Kennedy’s ‘X-Posure Hot One’ on Radio X as well as reaching 3,000 streams in its first week on Spotify alone – New single ‘Blueness Is A Heavy Stone’ is just waiting to impress the masses.

Please introduce yourselves to our readers, who you are, what you play and how you formed?

We’re a band called Cavalcade from East London formed in the local over copious pints of shit larger. We grew our drummer Steve in a massive jar of pickles we left under the stairs for 6 months. I guess you could say we play indie rock – although I’m not really even sure what that means.

Band Members: Connor Duggan (Vocals/Guitar), Jack Campbell (Lead guitar), Tom Nunn (Bass) and Steve Norris (Drums).


What style of music would you describe yourself as and what influences do you draw upon?

Over the last year, our sound has changed quite a lot to the point where we are now really comfortable with what we’re writing and jamming out in the rehearsal room. As a result, our influences have shifted a lot too. We’ve always loved Catfish and the Bottlemen and JAWS. I’d say those are two of our biggest influences. Wolf Alice is a massive one for me personally (Connor).

What are you currently up to at the moment music-wise?

We’ve just released our third-single ‘Blueness is a Heavy Stone’ which has been really well received. We recently played a sold-out London headline with This Feeling that was absolutely mental so we’re still coming down from that one. We’ve got another huge single on the way and the wheels are in motion for huge things in 2020. More music, more massive shows.

And outside of music, how’s life in general?

Life is good! I (Connor) got back from Burning Mn two months ago now. Since then I’ve been roaming the streets telling everyone. Literally everyone. Not one conversation goes by where I don’t mention it. My pants are still covered in dust.

What’s the most happiest lyric you’ve ever written?

“Despite the dust in my lungs, I’ll be a hell of a man” We all love that lyric, it’s empowering and optimistic. Reminds me a bit of this one time at Burning Man…

And the saddest…?

“Tore a strip off my right side, would life ever be the same” is one from our most recent single. It’s got really personal ties to us. It’s kind of a bittersweet lyric because the single is about struggling with your mind and mental wellbeing and how that has affected us as a band but we also love the honesty of it. It’s got to do with the trauma of loss and the emotions that come with that.

Would you rather live in a Yellow Submarine or an Octopus’s Garden and why?

This shouldn’t be a difficult question but fuck me. I instantly think of that octopus that predicted Spain would win the World Cup in 2010. If it’s his garden, then sign us up.


What’s the best venue you’ve played so far and what’s would be your dream venue?

The Water Rats in Kings Cross has definitely been our biggest and best gig to date – it’s intimate and the sound is fucking great! The dream is to play Brixton Academy, it’s the perfect venue – it’s always electric there and to be on that stage after the life-changing gigs we’ve been to in the crowd would be unbelievable.

Cavalcade Blue

If you could support any band, past or present who would it be and why?

We’d have to say Catfish for sure. There’s always fucking crazy energy in the crowd for those gigs and we’d love to play a part in getting the crowd pumping. Stone Roses are also another band we’d love to have opened up for back in the day!

What’s the best thing about being in a band?

Hands down it’s playing live to a crowd of people bouncing to our tracks. It makes it all seem worth it hearing people singing our lyrics back to us. We’re really lucky to have some great fans! That’s the PR friendly answer. In actuality, it’s the free cans of Red Stripe.

And the hardest…?

I think struggling to get people to sit up and listen is really frustrating at times. There’s so much competition and not much appetite for guitar music in the mainstream at the moment that sometimes it’s hard to cut through the noise. Probably something every band can relate to.

Sum your band/act up in three words?

“Cool and Fun and Nice”

What tune should readers listen to right now that sums you up the best?

‘Blueness is a Heavy Stone’ has just come out so give that one a spin!

(Then listen to ‘Alkaline’ and ‘Kathmandu Kid’ for the whole picture!)

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Liam or Noel?  Noel

Boris or Jezza? Kanye

Pineapple on pizza – yes or not? Pizza is pizza.

Beatles or Stones? Beatles








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