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Apeman Spacemen are worth an immediate investigation. Chaotic, visionary with hammering drums and slash-throat guitars, their singles ‘Spacecatraz’ and follow up ‘Have Not Love’ have both been John Kennedy’s X-list hot ones.

A.S.1 (1)

Apeman Spaceman make a schizophrenic, darkly explosive kind of alt punk-rock. Guttural reflections on a modern world gone wrong and what it’s like to be in it, starring a bloodied cast of conflicted characters – from an agoraphobic girl lost in a teacake in the Co-Op, to a sci-fi Romeo orbiting space in a rehab unit, all set against a world plummeting towards civil war and self invasion from plastic bottles.

‘Rock ‘n’ Roll has become too safe, mainstream, corporate, and therefore no fun. I’m always on the look out for bands that make music dangerous again. I am massively excited by Apeman Spaceman, with their raw musical aggression and attitudes, I believe them to be one of the bands in the running to empower the thousands of people who are been marginalized by a culture in turmoil, creating a much needed escape out of the modern day dystopia’ 

Rachel Brown – Northern Exposure

The London 4-piece are set to release single #3 Check Me Out. An ironic statement if ever there was one.

Check Me Out is a deep dark look in the mirror from a spaceman who can’t quite hang on to the rocket he’s riding. Two and a half minutes of venomous self reproach with drums like a battering ram and twisted violent guitars. Recorded at alalalstudio in Hackney, London, by Al O’Connell – long time collaborator with Mark Ronson, Paul Epworth, and Erol Alkan; fast becoming one of the most exciting and fresh producers of his generation.

The band are currently busy writing and directing the music video and lining up live dates.


6th Oct – The Sebright Arms, London






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