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On the cusp of releasing their next EP ‘Severed Head,’ we caught up with WUZI to discuss their new music, gigs and everything in between.

How’s it going guys? Thanks for chatting with us today. So, you’ve got a new EP coming out at the end of the month, what would you say is the biggest moment? What should people listen out for?

Sup guys, no worries. Hope you’re well. Well, about 0:57 seconds into Big Noose, a rip-rawing solo, from none other than the man himself, The Bake-train (not to be confused with The Edge), takes the EP by storm and stamps down his dominating masculinity and ingenious creativity. Rumour has it, it wrote it free-diving off an oil rig in the North Sea.

Can you tell us what message you’re trying to get across lyrically? What do you tend to write about?

This EP, lyrically, is vastly different to anything else I’ve written before. None of it bar Autumn Grove is at all personal. It’s narrative driven, ‘Already Dead’ and ‘Big Noose’ tells a story of a sea-worker who gets shipwrecked and at the pit of it all turns to consuming his fellow ship folk. ‘Already Dead’ despite being first in the track-listing is actually the tale of what happened to him in a psychiatric unit after he got caught. ‘Compromised Host’ is about a rogue robot who seeks revenge against his makers.


A few of the tracks almost join together, was this always the intention or did you find a lot of influence from the production side of things after recording?

Yeah, it was completely intended. The songs were written before the studio, financially we don’t have the funds to go and spend weeks at a time in there to brew something up like that. So at this point we need to have everything nailed before entering.

How do you go about writing songs? Is there a normal structure to how things are done, or do you find it all comes spontaneously?

It’s simply a matter of picking up a guitar and seeing what happens. Never once have I intended to write a specific thing. It doesn’t work for me like that. For the first two tracks on the EP I had the idea of a running narrative and I had this long chord progression and I just kinda moulded that to stick that on the end of ‘Already Dead’ to lead into ‘Big Noose’. One of my favourite bands is ‘King Gizz’ they do a lot of interlinking songs so they’ve inspired me in that sense.

Have you been playing any of the new tracks live? Is it a simple process taking them from the studio to the stage or do you find you have to rework certain parts to suit the live environment?

Yeah we’ve been playing them for quite a while, in fact we’re playing material which will be on 2 EP’s from now. For us we’re more of a live band, so it’s about translating that energy and power onto record which seems to be trickier.

Speaking of gigs, you’ve got a launch party at the end of the month as part of Alan Raw’s BBC introducing and 360’s Best Emerging Live Acts – how important is a platform like BBC introducing to up and coming bands nowadays? What effect has it had on you?

Absolutely vital, we played this year’s BBC Introducing stage at R&L Festival and that has hopefully put us in good stead to get playing more under them.

And what can people expect from the show?

A patronum.

Finally, apart from yourselves, what up and coming bands should people listen out for at the minute?

Brooders, Serratone, Still Life, Strange Bones and Table Scraps.

‘Severed Head’ will be available to stream and by on 30/11/18.


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