Andrew knight is a solo singer/song writer from Stockport greater Manchester. After hearing him play live I was interested to find out more about him and his work after he effortlessly captivated the whole audience when he recently supported Mark Morris from the Bluetone’s at Fred’s Ale House in Levenshulme.  

How long have you been performing live for?

I started performing regularly in November 2015, but have been playing guitar since 2005.

It’s very clear from your music who your main influences are but if you could perform on the same stage with anybody who would it be and why?

It would be Chris Helme from the sea horses, his latest album the rookery is outstanding, and it’s definitely the kind of sound I’m going for, also the Brit pop classics like love is the law and blinded by the sun are songs I regularly cover at my gigs . I will be playing with Chris in April over in Rotherham which I am very excited about.

Do you have any plans to release any of your own music soon?

Yes, I’m planning to release an ep this year and do an ep launch to promote the release of it later in the year.

Where is the best place to find any of your music online?

The best place to find my music on line would be soundcloud.com/andrewknightmusic

Where can we catch you live next other than Rotherham? (Although I have considered stealing a horse or some other kind of transport to get there as I enjoyed your set that much I want to hear it again!)

I will be playing at Night and Day Café (Oldham, Street Manchester) on the 23rd of March, doing a solo acoustic showcase evening and I’m excited to be playing some new material at this show. 


What is your favourite cover to perform live and what is your favourite song you have written you most enjoy performing live?

My favourite cover to play is Slight Return by the Bluetones, it’s such a classic that everybody knows and loves, I also love playing Hello by The Sea Horses. My favourite song I have wrote, is ‘Take My Hand’, I wrote that about a very great time in my life and that song is about how it ended, it’s quite a sad song but with great meaning, it’ll be one I look back on in the future with empathy as that song kick started me doing more gigs. It’s probably the best song I’ve recorded to date.  

Who would you say has inspired you the most if you could only pick one band or artist?

Chris Helme is a massive influence! To me, his covers of ‘Blinded by the Sun’ and ‘Love is the Law’ mixed with his soulful acoustic sound, really inspired my work. Listening to his solo albums (Ashes) and (Rookery) really make me want to perform. It’s great to have an aim like this. Also Mark Morris, supporting him was incredible and he is a real talent, the Bluetone’s are one of the most iconic 90’s and Marks solo albums are just as good.

I would just to like to thank Andrew for his time and for answering all the questions. He undoubtedly has a great talent not to be missed, during his performance I saw Andrew play an absolutely breath taking cover of Chris Helme’s song ‘Sailing Home’ both the vocals and guitar were outstanding, also another cover the Breaking Bad fans amongst you all might recognise, is a cover of Rodrygo y Gabriella’s ‘Tamacun’, during this track you could have heard a pin drop in the room. To play the way Andrew does on this song takes real skill and it was clear I wasn’t the only one in the crowd that thought so check him out.




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