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After bursting on to the scene in March 2017. Vuromantics have already released their first EP and have been touring hard since their launch with regular dates up and down the UK.  They blend pop sensibilities with electronic passion and funk groove to create a retro synthesised sound. With a summer release to come and new shows being announced all the time, it won’t be long before Vuromantics appear on your radar.

With a tour about to break and new EP, In the Night, set for release, Vuromantics are about to take the world by electronic storm. We recently talked touring and Toby Carveries with the boys and found out exactly what they have been up to to create such a buzz about their new and eclectic collective!

Hi there! You’ll be touring very soon- what can we expect when we see one of your live shows in November?

Sam: Hi Kate, we are excited to be back out on the road soon and this time promoting the release of our new EP: In The Night.

Cal: Expect to see some groovy live performances packed with synthesizers and percussion!

Jake : Expect maracas, bubbles and to feel some groovy pop synth vibes. You should certainly load up on booze and join in.

How are you preparing for the tour? Any rituals or little ways you all have that help you survive the intensity of touring?

Cal: Sending each other hilarious GIFs on Facebook messenger keeps the mood.

Jake: Recently myself and Callum was properly introduced to the food chain Toby Carvery by Sam.

Cal: Haha, dining at Toby Carvery at every opportunity makes the travelling all worthwhile. Luckily there’s around 175 Toby Carveries around the UK so we’re never too far away from one. Insider tip; we’ve found the best option is to eat outside of Yorkshire as they aren’t so precious about the Yorkshire puddings.

Can you talk a little to us about your new EP Into the Night?

Sam: Sure thing, it’s a five-track studio EP we are excited to be releasing both digitally and physically – available online and at our upcoming live shows. It certainly slams together a nice mix of genres

Cal: My favourite track on the EP isQuestions’ as it sounds quite different to the rest of the tracks, and it’s definitely one of my favourites live.

Jake: Yes ‘Questions’ could well be the Marmite track of the EP. Seems to divide opinion! See what you think when we release the Questions music video which features two clowns in a heated debate!

Sounds intriguing! And I quite like Marmite so I’m sure I’ll love it. So, who are your musical influences?

Cal: As the bassist I like to listen to groovy tunes and hopefully manage to squeeze some of that influence into my playing. It depends on the mood but we listen to anything from Madonna to Tool.

Sam: I have always liked to hold up high those great Sheffield pop bands our city is known for like: Pulp, Human League, Heaven 17…. even the more obscure lesser cited acts like imonster; I like to think of us picking up the baton from where these acts left off. In more recent years, it can sometimes seem these bands have perhaps been somewhat overshadowed by the likes of other Sheffield bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Reverend, Milburn etc (who are all amazing acts don’t get me wrong!!!) but I feel like I’d like us to walk a different path and strive for a modern take on that lesser travelled road to the more pop-py electronic sound Sheffield is also known for.

I know Jarrod of iMonster I’ll be sure to tell him of his influence! Cool. You were recently on BBC Introducing sharing tracks from your new EP. How did that come about? What does it mean for you guys to be involved with something so iconic?

Jake: We’ve been buzzing about it!

Cal: It’s great to be included on BBC Introducing and it’s nice to have a respected place for new music giving us such a good reception!

Jake:  Both producer, Adam, and Christian Carlisle have given us such a fantastic response and we feel privileged to be accepted as a tiny part of the vast Music Scene that South Yorkshire has to offer.

Can you talk us through the process of writing new tracks?

Cal: Sometimes after a show we like to bust out the instruments in a drunken state and then magic happens.

Sam: Haha. Quite a few of our latest tracks have come about like that in the early hours of the morning.

Cal: It’s all about mixing together ideas – someone will have an idea that they could have just come up with or been sitting on for years.

You seem to use many different media to present your work – audio, film, blog etc – do each of you have a favourite medium to express your music in?

Cal: I think nowadays the best way of getting a song out there is with a music video – there’s so much music being put out that unless you’re really tuned in to a certain scene or genre, you’ll miss out on a lot. Personally, I think a music video gives a strong message and gives something visual to accompany the track which can focus your attention on it.

Which music are you listening to at the moment?

Cal: Mostly Push Push Malcolm who we are buzzed to be playing with in December! But I don’t tend to listen to anything in particular, apart from Tool.

Sam: I recently rediscovered Spotify playlists I made when I was a youth, the joys of the Internet! I’ve been enjoying a barrage of everything from reggae to glam rock, U.K. Hip hop and DnB, even all those early noughties indie classics, not all of it is even that good but I love an eclectic mix of sounds to be coming in and influencing my subconscious …

What was your first single/album you bought and can we hear any of those influences in your current music?

Cal: My first album I bought was Aqua’s album with Barbie Girl on, so I think it’s pretty clear to see the influence there.

Sam: I remember owning a Chumbawumba CD and playing to death haha “I get knocked down!”

Jake: Robbie WilliamsMillenium, thankfully I don’t hear too much of that going on!

Thankyou guys!

Sam: Cheers for having us Kate!



You can pre-order their new EP, In The Night here:




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