At the start of the year V Transmission released their debut album ‘COMA’ to a brilliant reception around the UK and online – particularly Twitter, where they have seen their fanbase grow beyond expectation over the past 6 months. Lead vocalist, Andy Boucher was kind enough to speak to us last week:
For those who aren’t yet familiar with V Transmission, how would you introduce yourselves?
V Transmission are Andy Boucher (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards) Johnny Evo (lead guitars, keyboards, vocals) Pete Moran (bass guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Mick Bedford (drums) and we’re a post punk, alternative four piece combo from Manchester.
Described by yourselves as a ‘Dark, Northern, industrial heartland’ how does your hometown of Manchester influence the music that you make?
Coming from Manchester there is a deep ingrained history and musical heritage going back to the sixties. V Transmission’s sounds tries to encapsulate and reflect all the cities past and present rich industrial, musical, and cultural backgrounds. Its very much a sound of the streets, you can hear the grinding mills and feel the pulse of the cities beating heart. Heavy tribal drum beats layered with grinding bass patterns, soaring guitar riffs and lacerating lyrics are all combined to give that haunting ethereal sound.
Tell us a bit about your debut album, COMA.
Our debut album COMA was released Jan 2020 through our record label Rock Avenue Records USA. It was well received and is still gathering serious attention and traction through the Sony Orchard distribution platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc. Every track on the album tells a story – our current single, “No More Lights” was written as a warning to the world about the way we are consuming and suffocating the planet’s resources at such an alarming pace. And if we are not careful, there will be No More Lights.
Did you expect to get the reaction that you did on social media/streaming outlets?
We were a bit unsure of the reaction from all the social media sites but it seems Twitter is the main source of interest for V Transmission and our album COMA. We have received a lot of excellent feedback from various radio stations, promoters, bloggers, playlist curators and genuine music fans This has resulted in a solid, ever growing Twitter fan base.
An unavoidable talking point at the moment is the current pandemic and the threats that the music industry faces because of it. With no live shows for what looks like the rest of the year, how do you think artists and venues can bounce back?
Everything was going really well for V Transmission until the viral pandemic hit and put a stop to our progress. Showcase gigs and festivals were booked in, but sadly all have now been put on ice until further notice as advised by the government. This has reshaped the landscape, and we will all have to wait and see how the industry recovers to allow people to attend gigs and festivals once again in a safe environment.
On a more positive note – it is interesting to see how artists are interpreting the situation. Do you feel as if lockdown has altered, or influenced your creativity in any way?
It’s been interesting to see how most artists and bands have adapted to the new landscape by taking to performing on the various live broadcasting outlets. I think this works for some but not for everyone. Because of the social distance rules, V Transmission were not able to get together to record a live show, and our sound doesn’t really lend well to solo acoustic performances from our respectable kitchens and dining rooms. The idea of going to a festival and sitting in your car watching someone perform is ludicrous and we would not even think of going down that road, the best we can do right now is push and promote the album COMA through all the various social media sites and keep writing and recording demos at home and then hopefully hit the ground running for 2021.
How do you feel about how the government is handling the whole current situation?
On the subject of how the government has handled this pandemic, it leave us totally dumbfounded and confused, it’s been shambolic from the start, there were serious warning signs from other countries and the government were simply just to slow to react, so many people have lost loved ones, the NHS, care assistants and all front line workers have done an amazing job and put their own lives at risk, it has clearly shown us all who the real heroes are, we don’t really want to get drawn into the politics of the rights and wrongs right now, I think the UK has more important issues to address in order to get everyone back in work safely and get the economy moving again, it does however certainly give us plenty to write about and no doubt we will pen some songs about what has happened etc and what the future might hold??
Any more plans in the pipeline?
V Transmission are looking to put a new four track EP out towards the end of 2020, a couple of videos are in the pipeline and a new follow up album planned for release in spring 2021. We hope to back out gigging and performing as soon as things return to normal. You can follow our updates via our social media platforms.




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