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Rock stars… the apparent dying breed of the cultural icon. Once worshipped for their lives of hedonistic excess and blatant refusal to play by the rules are said to be disappearing into oblivion. Whoever proclaimed such nonsense clearly have never been to a Trampolene gig. Trampolene inadvertently are one of the breed of true rock n roll stars that we must cling to for dear life, overflowing with the characteristics of the greats we all adore, they play some damn good fucking music and their live shows are phenomenal. They are real, passionate and have a great knack of striking fear into the hearts of most stage managers in venues and festivals across the land with Jack Jone’s erratic performances (which usually include dangling or swinging from anything he can get his hands on).

Trampolene are made up of the charismatic Jack Jones (vocals, guitar, spoken word), Wayne Thomas (bass, vocals) and Rob Steele (drums, vocals). Their debut album “Swansea to Hornsey” was released in Oct 2017 and was Number 10 in The Independent’s 30 best albums of 2017. Not only have they just returned from Japan, but they are also headlining the This Feeling Alive tour which kicked off last week. 

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Mikey Jonns, Trampolene, The Surrenders and Lacuna Bloome on the Alive press day with the brilliant ‘Zone’ red bus.

Hello Trampolene! So a little bird tells me you’ve recently been to Japan, how did that come about and what was it like?

Jack: Well, we had a few Japanese fans who travelled to Swansea and then to Hornsea as a kind of pilgrimage, hence the album name, so that was really the start. Our record you see came out over there before it came out over here, because they’re just amazingly mad for it. It was our first time over there and everyone was giving us gifts and was really emotional about everything. A lot of them couldn’t speak English but were bowing and we were like oh wow, wasn’t much singing along either at the shows (laughs), well there was a few to be fair.

Is that something you consciously look for as a band, the fans singing the words back?  

Wayne: Helps Jack remember the words like…

Rob: Half of the time they sing better than he does an all.

Jack: Yeah, that’s true (laughs). We’ve had so many people up on stage singing with us.


Yeah, I’ve seen that. I’ll always remember the Harley gig in Sheffield where you got the girl up, then there was the Leadmill where you practically tried to monkey swing across the ceiling on the Christmas lights, that was mental! You always go away from a Trampolene show with fond memories!

Jack: Yeah, that was amazing I think we terrified everyone. You know it changes the way you write your songs when you see the crowds singing the songs, I think about it all the time, I imagine what it feels like through the fans voices. Our fans are everything to us, without them its like your out of the house, well not that i’d know because I haven’t got one, you got a cardboard box to hide under.

While we’re on the subject of terrifying people, I’ve got to ask about that jump at the This Feeling tent at the Isle Of Wight festival back in 2017!

Jack: Ha I can’t remember that much apart from having to do a runner because all security were chasing me around the place. I don’t mean to do these things!

Wayne: We’re football boys so once that whistle blows we’re started! I didn’t know he was gonna fucking jump! We was watching a band before and I said to Jack I reckon you could get on that pole and dangle and I tried to entice him into doing something for my own pleasure. I told him to dangle back and play the solo for the last song, which he did. I didn’t see him get out there I just saw him up there and obviously me and Rob were on stage going for it so I didn’t see all the security trying to grab him!

Jack: Ah yeah I remember the back thing. People were pouring beers down my throat. 

Wayne: Then he threw his guitar and I caught it but I didn’t think he’d jump. I turned my back and someone said he nearly broke his ankle there cause he just made the stage. 

Jack: I do remember thinking, I’m gonna break something here.

Wayne: I remember when he jumped just before he got to the stage his eyes widened cause he probably thought fuck! He made it by an inch.

Jack: I love the picture, its iconic I look like a wrestler going off the top ropes. Never to be repeated… Until next year.


What is it like touring and doing everything you’ve been doing, working with famous producers, supporting Liam Gallagher, headlining Scala now the Alive tour, all that compared to the days back in Swansea just jamming as mates?

Jack: Cool question, you know in your life people expect things to happen really quickly, but when you think about it, looking back its one brick at a time.

Wayne: It’s like a symphony, and there’s different parts to a symphony.

Jack: Yeah, and it just all comes together. 

Wayne: You’ve just got to listen to us. On the road we’re family, so you can imagine what its like hanging around with your brother or sister all the time, there’s the best times, the worst times, in-between times and everything just full on.

Rob: It can be very intense living in each others pockets all the time.

Do you argue like brothers then? 

Wayne: Fight more like (laughs).

Jack: I suppose so, it’s probably my fault to be honest, I have a tendency to go too far sometimes and nobody can have fun cause I’m too not good.

Guess it’s a relationship that has its ups and downs like any other, as we all know touring and been in a band can take its toll in so many different ways which everyone has their own way of dealing with I suppose…

Jack: Yeah and we’ve known each other such a longtime.

Did you go to school together?

Jack: Kind of, Wayne didn’t go to school he just came to my house.

Wayne: I lived in a different city, Jack had to get his grades to get a guitar so I’d just wait in his house till he got back and then we’d jam in his room.


So after forming the band, how did you get picked up? 

Jack: Well, we’d been on a bit of a journey before we came to London, we did everything ourselves and didn’t want to rely on anyone. Then we just kept meeting people, Tony Linkin was one, who is now our manager and the rest is history really. 

You’ve just released a new single that I personally think is the best yet, who inspired it?

Jack: Thank you. When your in school you always have that girl who your in love with but never manage to see or get it right with, but to be honest its not about anyone in particular. I suppose thats all I write about at the moment, the new single I wrote when I was 16 but I didn’t finish it until we decided to put it out. It probably took about eight years to write even though its so simple. 

Where do you keep all your writings?

Jack: In books and on my voice memos. Sometimes you don’t understand what your writing until you sit there for a bit, then you can bring it to the forefront. Sometimes when I’m writing something I try and finish it so I’m in the same mood, but then sometimes I just don’t know what to do with it so it just sits there until I pick it back up and then it changes into something completely different. We’ve got so much because we’ve always written songs and poetry. I’ve always played guitar as well, since I was 14. 

Tell me about Luna? The new addition to Trampolene your little pup!

Jack: Aww she’s been really sick recently. We put out a post to name her and we looked at all the replies and loved Iggy Pup was a good one. My sister thought she looked like someone out of Harry Potter so thats why we named her Luna. My sisters looking after her while we’re out on tour her full name is Luna Tic. We took to the vets a few days ago and they thought may have Parva which is deadly to dogs, but somehow she has got Crohns disease which I’m guessing is my fault been a sufferer myself!



So what’s the ultimate dream for Trampolene?

Wayne: Just to do it comfortably and not have to do shit jobs to get by. Live off our own back. We’re half way through the next album and we want to get that out. It’s a bit different this one, compared to anything we’ve done before.

Lyrically or musically?

Wayne: Both. It’s a bit of a new world for us. 

Could you describe how?

Jack: It’s more melodic, more experimental. We’re not sure when it’ll be coming out though. 

How important is this Alive tour to you guys? 

Jack: Mikey has believed in us from day one and thats why we’ve always stuck with him and we’d never shaft him off. It’s a great chance for us to do a tour with someone who upholds the same beliefs as us, especially loyalty. I honestly believe with Mikey and This Feeling behind us it might honestly work out for us. It’s good to be doing a tour with all the stuff we’ve got out there and put it to bed then go onto the newer stuff and focus on that. It’s great for all the bands because they’re gonna get new fans and exposure they might not get otherwise.

TRAMPOLENE play Brighton tomorrow and then Dingwalls on Wednesday before heading back up North.  


#Alive 2018 headlined by Trampolene with support from The Surrenders, Lacuna Bloome and the cream of the local scene.

 27 Brighton The Green Door Store w/ King Kuda 28 London Dingwalls w/ Cavalcade

29 Leeds Brudenell Social Club w/ Bad Bug

30 Glasgow Cat House w/ The Good Arms DECEMBER

01 Newcastle Head of Steam w/ The Yada Yada Yadas

£8 advance except London £10 advance…



7th Swansea – The Bunkhouse

New Single ‘The One Who Loves You’ is available now to buy or stream.

Digital download:

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