As part of our plethora of pieces regarding This Feeling’s Alive tour, tonight we speak to The Strawberries. Sneaking discreetly from the darkest depths of Leeds, the lads are intent on bringing some mind-bending rock ‘n’ roll to the masses, with their own Hyde Park twist.
Comprised of Sam Neil (Vocal and Guitar), Joe Dines (Guitar), Ethan Sherwin (Bass and Vocals), and Ben Heath (Drums), The Strawberries have been meandering about the place since late 2014, and have developed a loyal following in their Northern homeland. We had a natter to the lads, in a surprisingly straightforward manner. We don’t mess around when it comes to getting answers out of bands, you know.
How did you lads get started, and I assume the name didn’t come from your fondness for certain fruit?
We were mostly surprised that the name hadn’t been taken, but it also has some more psychedelic roots.
As an avid fan of bands who actually put effort into their artwork, how do you come up with you designs?
We never come up with our own designs. We get the tracks finished and send them to the artist and let them interpret it in their own way.
Talk us through the creative process of The Strawberries. For example, if there’s a woman who actually rhymes to get away, is she okay?
The process really depends on the song. I don’t think any 2 of our songs have come together in the same way. Sometimes the idea comes first and other times it’s the music that inspires the idea. It’s fun to mess around with the whole process.
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To me, The Strawberries seem like one of few bands who have a coherent idea of their image, and what they want to get from their songs; everything fits nicely, from your stage presence, to your guitar tones. Is this something you’ve actively worked towards? 
We all have our own separate influences, so it’s more a case of something that has evolved naturally and something that will continue to do so as we go on.


So you’re supporting at the Leeds date of This Feeling’s Alive tour. How does it feel to be a part of a tour which is exposing some properly fab bands?
It’s a great feeling and all the bands taking part work so hard. It’s incredible to see the positive response from the public, people want to find new bands and hear new music, and that’s what This Feeling’s all about. This tour is just the start.
I last saw you guys at Tramlines, in a top set at The Great Gatsby. What other gigs are on the horizon for you lads?
The next date we have booked in is possibly one of our favourites outside of Leeds. The Lanes in Bristol on the 14th in collaboration with Pretty Green.
Fashion-wise, have you got a certain look you go for? What tips have you got for myself, who wears the same shirt and jeans for the majority of the week?
We’ve all got different styles. Having a good jacket and shoes combination is important. Everything in-between is pretty random really.
What can we expect in terms of new material?
You’ll have to wait and see…
Catch the quartet this Monday at The Wardrobe, Leeds, supporting the Alive tour. Get on their Facebook, Twitter, and keep an eye out for their new shite, hopefully coming soon. As per life however, we’re not sure.


Images courtesy of The Strawberries’ Facebook page.



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