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We had a catch up with Cardiff’s The Rotanas and what a cracker this one was! With influence from great British bands of the 90’s, they’ve created a unique sound for the future which is both gritty and smooth. Receiving a tone of airplay from stations like BBC Radio Wales & their single ‘Caught On Camera’ was This Feelings track of the week. A huge congrats from us for the success so far & we are so excited to be seeing a lot more from The Rotanas. 

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Photo – Patrick Starsky Thomas

Your latest single ‘Manic’ was released this March, a huge congratulations on the success of it so far! What was the inspiration behind the tune? 

It’s about nutters, specifically a nutter of ours, it’s a great tune with a massive solo. Undeniably, I think.

If someone’s yet to discover The Rotanas, how would you describe your sound? 

I’d say growing, it’s ever evolving and I think it’s really starting to blossom. It’s not gritpop, despite what our press release says, gritpop means nothing. It’s just rock and roll, our version of it anyway, whatever form that takes. It’s just our rock and roll.

How have you found writing and creating music in lockdown? 

Surprisingly fruitful, I think in that sense, writing wise, we’ve been really really good.

Unfortunately your tour has been postponed to a later date,  how have you found not being able to gig for a full year now? 

Fucking dreadful to be honest, it’s like going cold turkey. It’s allowed us to step back though, and at least for me personally has allowed me to produce a new appreciation for the actual music and not the performance aspect, cause that’s like cocaine, it’s not hard to enjoy.

You’ve had great success from being played on BBC Radio and many more, how did it feel hearing your tune on such big platforms?  

It’s always lovely, you feel it in your balls. Haha. More I say.

As a band have you got any goals to achieve this year? Places you want to play live or bands you want to gig with? 

Just to keep the pace going, pick it up in fact. I don’t really see a time plan for it, there never has been for me, I’ve just known I’m gonna do it, that it’ll happen, so we go on. I’d love to get an arena support slot, I do not really give two tosses who the band is, providing they aren’t shit, I hate shit bands.

If you could go back to when you first started is there anything you’d do differently? 

Yeah, get Aaron and Tommy onboard sooner and pick a different producer to work with. Saying that it’s all been a journey so far and I’m a different person to who I was at the start, I’ve grown with it, so I can’t say I’d change much.

On the back of that, if you could give advice to a band just starting out what would it be? 

Don’t be shit. Gimmicky videos aren’t funny. Don’t cite a film you’ve seen once as a main influence of your music, you look stupid. Oh and your drummer is probably a twat.

The artwork for your tunes are so unique & quirky, how did you come up with that? 

Our mate JT did them, he’s a top artist check out his socials @snakenub on Instagram. We just let him go with it, whatever he envisioned, it’s loosely based off the people the two tunes are about, the people who know, know.

And finally, What does the future look like for The Rotanas? 

Massive, less bullshit, more music.

Listen to The Rotanas new single Manic here: 






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