The Rafters formed in Blackburn, Lancashire in the summer of 2019. 
Their track “Slippin’ Away” was played by Soccer Am and added to the show’s A&R playlist. Covid-19 and the current situation curtailed the bands plans somewhat, but The Rafters have not been resting on their laurels, using their time wisely to write and release a 3 track EP, and 3 singles.

I caught up with them to find out more… 

 Tell our readers a little about you, how did get together and into playing music? 

So, my dad was a musician and spent my Saturday’s watching them rehearse. I learnt guitar and it’s gone from there. All of us lads are similar ages and have been in separate bands on the scene. Basically we’re an East Lancashire super group!

How would you describe your sound? Who influences you?

Twisted Wheel came into my life when I was in year 11. They had a massive impact in my life. I suppose our sound stems from that and other influences such as The Buzzcocks, Dr Feelgood, Weller, Oasis. 

If you could take one positive from lockdown, what would it be?

Time to be creative. I’ve written an albums worth of stuff to go at! 

Tell me about your latest release, what’s it about? 

A girl at work mentioned she was seeing this lad before lockdown. Their relationship fizzled out because they couldn’t see each other. I felt for her and thought that’s ‘Wasted Love’! Lazy cliche!.

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Which upcoming bands do you support?

Local lads Ruby Tuesdays, I love this band from London called Lyena. They’ve got this tune called ‘Lucy’. I got pissed on holiday and kept messaging their Instagram about that tune. Hope they’ve not put a restraining order in cuz I wouldn’t mind playing with them one day!

Have you played any live gigs recently? If so how was it to be back after so long off stage? If not have you any coming up? 

Mad Ferret Preston with The Feeling, local night with Pulka Promotions, Darwen Live, Snake Oil Festival and EH6 festival in Edinburgh (sharing a stage with Pigeon Detectives) we’re buzzing about that one. 

If you had only one album to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I’d go for a  Northern Soul greatest hits or ‘I Should Coco’ by Supergrass. 

Tell me your worst Dad joke…

I’ve got a painter in at the moment. He’s just mentioned he’s got limited experience because he’s just retired as a Ryan Air Pilot. Although he’s not been got lots of painting experience…. He’s done a mega job with the landing!.

Best UK festival?

Got to be Glasto or Kendal Calling.

Best UK venue?

I saw Paul Heaton and Jackie Abbot at Castlefield in Manchester. It was a proper summers night, outside, it would be mega to play somewhere like that. 

What can we look forward to from you? 

The best of us lads it yet to come. Our songs keep getting better and better. As we play live people will get to see what we are about. I don’t take myself to seriously but I’m very serious about doing the best we can! My aim is make our hometown and families proud!

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