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Today, I’m interviewing The Mojo Filters, a self-proclaimed rock n roll band from Birmingham formed in November 2015. At the beginning of the year, the band spent a weekend at Magic Garden Recording Studios recording their new single ‘What You’re Seeing (Is What You’re Getting)’ which was released on the 29th January. They have plans on the horizon and took time out of their busy gigging schedule to chat about some of them.

How would you describe your music style?

We are a rock n roll band.

What music did we listen to?

Oasis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Jim Hendrix, The Jam, The Smiths, Led Zeppelin. Squeeze Some soul too from Luther to Alexander and of course Motown. But we also listened to dance music of the ’90s. R nB and hip hop from the ’90s like Snoop Dogg.

Did you play instruments growing up?

Everyone who plays instruments picked their instruments up in the mid to late teens. I think the fact that we can all mess up at some point puts us on the edge for gigs. A bit rough and ready but we feel that we kinda like it that way. Everyone is far too polished for their own good. They become so boring you want to actually get violently drunk and set fire to your curtains.

Who are your influences?

Oasis was the first. And theyre the most important still today. Our influences today at a stretch is maybe Liam G, Kasabian and Arctic Monkeys …we was also inspired by Leon Bridges and Anderson Paak. But to be honest, we are not real fans of anything at the moment. No music from the underground up speaks to us or the people we grew up with. But it’s because of that we are our own influences and where we came from is our influence.

How do you plan to counter the current charts?

I aim to tell the truth. If it’s in my lyrics it’s the truth we see. And I believe it will resonate to a lot the kinds of people we know. We are not university graduates nor do we pretend to be. And if I was a normal factory worker or whatever (like some of us are) I’d love it and wanna hear what they have to say. People for some reason listen to grime artists (who thus turn into sell outs who have duets with girl groups then try and get politically active) … but they listen to these people thinking that this represents us. That grime shit. No. There’s a lot of working class people who are dying for rock n roll.

How is it playing in your home town? Are you supported or do you find it challenging?

We do find it a challenge though yeah. Music venues have been stifled in Birmingham. Not only that, promoters in this city have too much power/say in what they do. The prices of things are not pleasing to the pocket for many. What we’ve seen countless amounts of time is that if you want to be in the music industry in this city (and most) you need Daddy as your manager who’s funding you, and a certain political agenda. Which is infuriating. But the people that have come to our last five gigs in Birmingham and the crowd size going up makes us feel reassured that the lust for rock n roll music hasn’t died just yet.

What’s coming up for you guys?

So we will have a single being released back end of March. It’s called ‘Paradise Circus’. We have a local gig at The Sunflower on the 30th March. We also have a gig in Sheffield 7th April. We’ll have another single out beginning of May as well as playing Camden Town 6th May.

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