On Thursday evening, I was lucky enough to catch up with The Lottery Winners members Katie Lloyd (vocals & amp; bass) and Thom Rylance (lead vocals) fresh from their opening performance on the Highest Point mainstage. We discussed the upcoming music scene, festival essentials and their exciting plans for the rest of 2022…


I really enjoyed your set tonight, this is your third time at Highest Point, isn’t it?

Thom: Yes, we played last year on the second stage up all them steps which I weren’t happy with. It was really good because it was late and, it was like, banging and everyone was drunk
and crowd surfing and that. So, it was a bit of a different vibe today because we were like here to open the show, we were the first band on, which is always a bit more of a difficult position, but I think by the end of it the people were warm.

Katie: Yeah…

Thom: We made them nice and warm. With my charisma.

Katie: You did… I’d say ‘tepid’.

What do you like about Highest Point Festival?

Thom: I think it’s a really good festival, the line-up is always great, like, I love Reverend and The Makers and I love Richard Ashcroft so to be able to play on the same bill and stage as legends like that is, y’know I’ve been chatting to Jon from Reverend and The Makers backstage and it’s like, it’s really, really important for us and we don’t take it for granted at all. To be even involved with names like that.

Katie: It’s really heart-warming to be welcomed to a festival that’s down the road really as well. It’s special.


Who are you most excited to seen perform?

Thom: Little Richie Ashcroft I’m looking forward to seeing, because I love The Verve. We’re only here for today so we only really get to see Reverend and The Makers and Richard
Ashcroft, but that’s enough for me.

Katie: I think it’s going to be a really good show.

What is your festival necessity?

Thom: Comfy shoes

Katie: Tissue roll

Thom: Yeah, bog roll is important. To be honest though, I’m over that camping thing, I’ll only camp at Glastonbury and only in the VIP (laughs), I’m too old now, I’m 23.

Katie: (Laughing) By the time of airing.


You’ve just been on tour with Sleeper, how was that?

Thom: Sleeper were great, wicked band, really good friends with them, we ended up doing a single with Louise and she’s a great inspiration to us and you, in particular Katie.

Katie: Yeah, she’s an icon so it’s been like, great to talk with someone that you’ve looked up to forever.

Thom: She is the queen of Britpop. That’s what we’re into so it was really cool, I mean, we get to play with some of our favourite bands which is just bizarre, ya know, it really is. We
don’t take it for granted at all.

What’s the different between performing on tour or at a festival?

Katie: Tour can be very fatiguing, but it’s kind of nice because you’re getting this day to day, sort of, being with the same people and making these like, life bonds where everyone’s going through the same thing within a couple of weeks. With festivals, I like them because it’s just like a random day of like really high intensity.

Thom: You’re like in a bubble on tour, you’re cut off from everyone.

Katie: You’re in a weird, like, ‘tour world’. Festivals are just, ‘bam bam bam’, you’re there.

Thom: I love it all. I’ll literally show off on any stage that lets me, to anyone.


Have you got any gigs lined up?

Thom: Yeah, we’ve got an insane festival season lined up, we’re literally doing every festival, apart from the good ones. (Laughs)

Katie: At least two a week every month until September.

Thom: Then we’re out on the road with Embrace.

Katie: Then we’re over in Europe as well.

Thom: And then we might have a really big Manchester show planned for December…

Katie: On the 22nd …

Thom: What? It might be on the 22nd of December at the Albert Hall, I don’t know…

Katie: Who said that?

Thom: I don’t know…I’ve heard a rumour that maybe we’re going to be playing the Albert Hall on the 22 nd of December with an Orchestra…that’s a rumour.


You’re from Leigh aren’t you, there’s a lot of great bands coming from Wigan right now, who do you have your eyes on?

Thom: Yeah, there’s a lot of great bands coming from Wigan at the moment. I think The Facades are really good.

Katie: Stanleys I love.

Thom: Stanleys as well, I love The Facades, we played with them, they supported us and Sleeper at the Albert Hall a couple of weeks ago and their growth, I seen them about a year
ago and then I saw them recently, I think they’re really special. I think all of Wigan should really get behind them.

Katie: I think there’s a great music scene in Wigan at the minute, it’s really up and coming. I’ve seen lots of Wigan bands on festivals, and it really makes me happy. There’s a scene
going on. I love it.

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Camping or non-camping?

Thom: Non-camping. Everyone else can camp but I won’t.

Katie: He snores…

Favourite festival beverage?

Thom: I’m teetotal so Diet Coke for me.

Katie: I like a warm Gin and Tonic.

Favourite festival food?

Thom: All of it.

Katie: Big fat kebab.

Thom: £15 burgers.

Pre-stage warm up?

Thom: We just eat loads of food and argue.

Katie: A cig and a gin.

Thom: I keep throwing up in bins. We sometimes have a cuddle.

Katie: We do like a cheesy high five in a circle.

Final festival necessity?

Thom: I don’t know, I always come ill prepared for everything.

Katie: Blister plasters!


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