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 The K’s are a lively bunch full of energy and charisma that’s hard to ignore. Recently signed to Alan McGee’s new label, Creation23, the band are currently killing the live circuit. The K’s were formed in Earlestown in 2017 and the lads grew up together in the shadows of two huge North West neighbours, Manchester and Liverpool. After watching a video of The Jam performing ‘In the City’ live at The Circus, vocalist/rhythm guitarist Jamie Boyle and bassist Dexter Baker were inspired to pick up guitars and see what noise they could make themselves. The K’s were born and soon after they drafted in an experienced lead guitarist, Ryan Breslin. Following discussions at an after-party they had all attended, Breslin was impressed with the unmistakable energy of vocalist Boyle and felt The K’s could be the vehicle he needed for his own head on approach to music and guitar playing. Fast forward to 2018 which saw the addition of Jordan Holden on drums to complete the line-up. The K’s debut single ‘Sarajevo’ was an instant hit on music streaming sites, picking up fans and playlists alike and was quickly followed by their first headline show at Manchester’s Deaf Institute which sold out  2 months in advance.
Since then The K’s have released two more singles “Got a Feeling” and “Glass Towns” both of which have proved hugely popular with fans and music moguls alike. It’s clear to see that these lads are not just up and coming but they are here and ready to shine in the limelight of stardom. Rachel caught up with the lads recently…

A busy start to the year, The K’s with so much happening. Let’s start with your recent triumph at The Cavern Club Liverpool and bagging our Northern Exposure InMusic Festival main stage slot in Croatia. How did it feel to win? Are you looking forward to it?

Winning was class. The bands on the night were all to a really high standard so to be voted the best set of the night was top. We can’t wait to go. It’s our first time playing abroad as a band so we can’t wait! First of many!

The set was incredible, you guys are so tight musically and really put on a full on and energetic live show. Your reputation as a must-see band is spreading like wildfire! What is your secret?

There’s not really any secret. In fact, it’s the opposite. We love what we do and we’re passionate about it and that comes out when we play. We don’t see the point in doing anything half-arsed, especially being in a band!

I’ve now seen you twice live and it’s clear to see that have a real rapport with the audience and easily lock them in with your presence, which of your songs have you seen connect with the crowds most when you perform them live?

I love different songs for different reasons. I’d have to say Glass Towns or Aurora, but at the same time, there’s nothing better than the crowd singing back every word to Hoping Maybe! And feeling the floor shake when we play BBC is mint, there’s too many to choose from to just pick one. We love the whole set!

Jumping straight into some VERY big news, this week you announced your recent signing to Creation23, Alan McGee’s new record label! How are you feeling?

We’re all absolutely buzzing. It’s obviously our first record deal and we had a few people interested. But we definitely felt this was the right move for us. There’s no one better for us than McGee. We know it and he knows it. It’s a dream team.

Do you feel like the sky’s the limit for The K’s? What’s your dream!?

I think we’d be daft not to feel that way. We work hard for everything we get and every time we play we go from strength to strength. To the top, no brakes, none stop!

Who writes the songs, is it a solo or joint effort, and who and what influences you?

I usually write the lyrics and chords to a song then take them in and everyone adds their parts around it. Definitely a joint effort to make the tunes what they are! My biggest influences are the likes of Weller and Strummer, but me and the boys all have separate influences and you can hear it in our songs.

You come across as natural Rock stars…. What is the K’s approach to keeping Rock ‘N’ Roll alive!?

We don’t really try to do anything. We’re all just mates so we just naturally dick about and have a laugh with each other. But we’re also massively confident in what we do and we believe in it. There’s nowt more rock n roll that. I think some people think its rock n roll to strut around being a bell end to people and that, but that’s not rock and roll, that’s being a fucking bell end.

Keeping in that theme, and without trying to your rock n roll crown, whats the most and the least rock and roll thing you’ve ever done?
I don’t know what comes under Rock n Roll but if it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever done there’s a pretty long list. I’d have to say thinking it’d be funny to sit on a barbecue pissed up a few years back has to top the list. Had to go to the hospital every day for 3 weeks to get the third-degree burns on my arse cleaned and redressed. Sorry, mum.

As for the least rock n roll. I suppose writing Sarajevo after reading a book about World War 1 comes pretty high up the list, but the outcome was pretty fucking good, haha.

Yet another amazing thing you’ve recently done is appearing on Soccer AM, you are clearly having an insane start to the year! Tell us all about it?

The response we’ve had to that has been absolutely unreal. Just shows again to us lot that every time we play we go from strength to strength and all the hard work we put in pays off. The team at Soccer AM are mint and they proper looked after us. Rumour has it they want us back on… Can’t wait to go back! Top day!

To finish, what possibly more can we expect from The K’s this year?

Singles (next release will be ‘Aurora’ through Creation 23). Festivals and roofs blown to fuck. A little birdy told me we might even be touring after the summer, but what do I know. Viva x


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