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The Garage Flowers are a London 4 piece band that came together in 2016. After many obstacles that threatened to future of the band including serious illness and homelessness the band got their shit together and are continuing to smash the live music scene all across London – and soon further afield. The band will play for Northern Exposure in Sheffield on the 16th of November at the Frog & Parrot with Katalina Kicks, The Black Thunder Revue, and Fluorescent. We caught up with the band to learn a little more and to talk about new release ‘Hello Tango’….
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How would you describe your music to anyone who hasn’t seen you before?

JC: The soundtrack to an apocalyptic cavalry charge all the way up the yellow brick road as the sun sets over the Emerald City and the snow is thick beneath your scuffed up chelsea boots, and the taste of blood is bittersweet in your mouth as you recount every event that ever shaped the
person you find yourself as this week.
JW: … I’d just tell them to come and see us and we’ll show them exactly what we’re about.

Who are your influences?
JC: Johnny Marr, Johnny Depp, Johnny Bravo.

Which instruments did you learn to play when you were growing up? How does that translate in to the instruments you play today?
JW: I didn’t pick up a guitar until i was 18. In my school we used to beat up the kids who played guitar, so most good music completely passed me by as a kid.

You have a very definite style and look on stage – where does that inspiration come from? Any fashion, music or film references that you’ve drawn from?
JC: We just used to try and outdo each other as we were dolling ourselves up for nights out and it got it out of hand and now we look like this.
JW: Everyone just dresses so boring these days, we just wanted to be a bit more flamboyant but it was something that evolved naturally over time. If you wanna be a star you may as well look the part.

Tell us a little about your new single ‘Hello Tango’, the process of writing it and a little about the messages it contains.
JW: From what i remember me and Joe were living in our mate’s studio and I left to get some food from round the corner. When I came back Joe had demoed a whole new song in the time it had taken me to eat six wings and chips. I think I added a lyric or two but the version he demoed right then is basically the same as you hear now. Can’t have taken him more than twenty minutes.
JC: Lyrically it’s about us robbing and minesweeping to eat and more importantly drink when we were completely penniless (as opposed to now, where we have a FEW pennies). The chorus is simply about my burning hatred for hook-up culture. Tinder is so dehumanizing – flicking through a human catalogue. I find it fucking heartbreaking to be honest.

The video to ‘Hello Tango’ has been recently released – what were your influences for it?
JC: I wanted it to be more performance based, a bit more visually stimulating in terms of the effects and the way it was shot, as opposed to just clips of us getting kicked out of pubs and setting each other’s trousers on fire (although keep your eyes peeled for the NEXT music vid.) I also wanted to make some points about the objectification of girls in music videos and just in real life too.

Your lyrics seem to tell stories of life in the city for you and for those listening to you – what do you hope your fans take away from these songs?
JW: I just hope it gets stuck in people’s heads to the point of annoyance.

What’s next for you guys? Upcoming releases or performance dates? Any exciting news you can share with us first?
JC: We’re in the final stages of organising some really exciting gigs in places we’ve never played before! Stayed tuned. We played a brand new song at our launch and everyone went mental for it despite no one ever hearing it before. So, I wanna get that released with a video ASAP.

Catch the band at the Frog & Parrot 16th December..




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