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We had a chat with Brummie favourite’s The Clause about their new single ‘Time of our lives’; the band bring together the swagger of the 60’s, the rolling groove of the 80’s and the riotous verse and attitude of the 90’s. The band have become the first ever act to pull a clean sweep at the Birmingham music awards picking up best band, best song and best indie/alternative, as well as playing virtual US festival Lollapalooza. Praise is coming in thick and fast from music industry heavyweights with TRNSMT’s Geoff Ellis describing the band as:

”The Clause have really got something and they are a band I’m excited to work with. Its only a matter of time before their dreams to play TRNSMT comes true.Their new single is just the start for them” 

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‘Time of our lives’ will premiere on the 25th of March and we had the honour of hearing the track before the release and what a treat you’re in for, expect big things from The Clause in 2021. Congratulations lads on the success so far!  

Your latest single ‘In my element’ was a huge success, what can fans expect from your new single ‘Time of our lives’?

We’re coming back bigger and better than ever before with “Time Of Our Lives”. It’s time to change the narrative from the negativity and troubles we’ve all had to endure over the past year and this song perfectly embodies that. 

What was your inspiration behind writing it?

I think I was just solely focusing on breaking through from all the negativity that’s been circling around throughout the past year. The song itself is about liberation and how good life actually is which has been easy to forget given the troubles everyone has had to face over the past year. As a group we’ve always held the view that music should always be a positive outlet for people and this tune captures that perfectly. 

What has it been like writing and recording whilst in and out of lockdown?

In honesty, from a writing point of view lockdown has probably been a blessing. I converted my shed into a little demoing studio and basically hibernated in there throughout 2020. We’ve come out at the other end with more than an albums worth of songs which may not have been written had lockdown not happened. Getting back into the studio to finish the new songs written over lockdown is actually the only thing that’s kept us sane without live gigs. We’re ready to go now in 2021. 

What are your plans to promote the new single given the difficulties with live performing until June (hopefully)?

It’s definitely a different campaign without any live gigs in front of fans by the interaction we’ve had with the “Time Of Our Lives” single release announcement was bigger than any single we’ve released before. We have an exclusive live stream gig at The Mill in Digbeth the day before its release on Thursday 25th March where we’ll be premiering “Time Of Our Lives” for the first time. It’s going to be a massive production with a full set from us which includes 8 new songs written over lockdown that we’re exclusively performing for the first time. 

How has not being able to play live for so long affected you as a band?

It’s been really difficult for us, 2020 was shaping up to be a massive year for us with a lot of opportunities which were snatched away from us last March. Not being able to get out on the road with your best mates performing all over the UK and overseas to Europe has been a killer. But on the bright side now we’ve got a set full of massive tunes ready to blow people away when we can get back out there and take on the UK and the rest of Europe.

What advice would you give yourselves if you could start out again as young musicians?

I don’t think we’d change anything about the way we’ve done things up to this point, we’ve loved every minute of it. The only advice I’d give us as young 16 year olds starting out is to cherish every moment of it and don’t take any of it for granted. The most important thing is making good memories for yourselves and all the fans who come on the journey with you. 

What is the music scene like in Birmingham and what venue are you eager to play as soon as you can?

We’ve always felt the Birmingham music scene has been overlooked, it can sometimes be overshadowed by the scenes in London, Manchester etc. Birmingham has some of the strongest artists in so many different genres, from rock and roll to grime and pop, some of the talent here is unreal. We’re eager to get back to any venue across the UK but we’re planning the biggest gig we’ve ever done in our hometown for when gigs come back. 

You’ve played a lot of festivals, which festival has been your favourite and why?

It’s hard to pick one. I think we’d probably say Isle of Wight festival as that was our first major festival slot and we’ve got some great memories of that weekend. TRNSMT, YNot and Truck festival also deserve an honourable mention. 

If you could play any festival in the world, which one and why?

It has to be Glastonbury. Our goal is to one day get up on that pyramid stage in front of sea of people. It’s what dreams are made of. 

What does the future look like for The Clause?

We’re going to be going at it full throttle over the coming years, releasing our best material yet and branching out overseas. We’re coming to take over and we can’t wait. 

Pre-order the single here. The boys featuring on @SoccerAM this morning. Tune in from 10:30 to hear an exclusive of their upcoming single “Time Of Our Lives”.

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The Clause also take the stage virtually at @TheMillDigbeth playing 8 new songs, exclusive merchandise and a Q&A, you don’t wanna miss it… Tickets




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