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Formed in 2015, through shared musical interests and a combined drive to create their own, The Attic Doctors describe how they developed their style as ‘refining our individual styles to infuse a unique mix of floor-filling beats, riff-driven yet melodic guitar work, and infectious hooks’. Hailing from Manchester, they are constantly out there sharing their sound with established fans and those lucky enough to take a chance and discover them and have plans to take their sound further afield this year. I caught up with them last weekend to find out what was new with The Attic Doctors, what they’d been busy with and what we can look forward to in the next few months …

How would you describe your music and style to anyone who hasn’t seen you before?

A fusion of dance music and oppressed alternative rock. Like Nile Rogers standing on a piece of lego.

What music did you listen to growing up?
It’s fair to say that we’ve all had eclectic musical routes, with your Beatles, Happy Mondays and early Arctic Monkeys serving as common anchors. I think we speak for a lot of people in saying that ‘Whatever People Say I Am…’ was a real “fucking hell” kind of moment for alternative music. Jack and Dean delved in Hip Hop growing up: Dr. Dre, B.I.G, Eminem etc. This has played a factor production and lyric wise, metaphorical worldplay over floor-filling beats are common in our songs.

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As you grew up, did you play any instruments? How does this translate to the music you do now?
Joe and Duffy have both been playing guitar since childhood, and have even dipped into classical training. This hasn’t made its way into our music just yet, maybe by Album 10. For the rest of us it came later on, with an adopted “learn as you go” approach.

Who are your influences now? 

This is a nightmare question for us as we have differing tastes, we’ve given up on making a playlist for the van. Saying that, we’re all agreeable on Talking Heads, The Clash and Chic. A lot of new music is always giving us fresh perspective as well.

How do plan to combat the state of much of the chart music we encounter today?

There isn’t any need to combat it, as the overseers of mass marketed music will dismiss authenticity most of the time, because they are mainly reaching out to an audience who couldn’t care less about authenticity. There will always be an audience for alternative or indie or dance music etc, and usually it’s a smaller yet more passionate one. It’s always good to see an original artist who ‘breaks’, but what is more important is to keep that artistic originality in spite of what’s popular, which can be a combatant quality in itself.

What makes you stand out from other bands?

We’ve spent three years combining our original styles to refine and build a trademark sound, which we’d like to think is now unmistakably us. Dean is also 9 foot 4 which helps us stand out.

What is it like being in a band in your home town? Do you find it a challenge or are you supported? In what way?
Believe it or not, Bolton is a deep pool of talented artists that sometimes aren’t appropriately recognised and are just dismissed with the next best Peter Kay reference. Being amongst this hub of musicians and music lovers alike has helped us hone our craft at venues such as The Alma and Blind Tiger, to the level we’re at now.

What’s next for you? Upcoming releases or performance dates? Any exciting news you can share with us first?
We’ve just recently released Milkshake which is all good …

… and we’re currently finishing up on our next couple of singles, we can’t say too much at the minute, but keep ’em peeled as launch parties will naturally follow…



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