Widnes band SYFTA have gone from strength to strength since realigning their vision from old band ‘Salvador’ in late 2019. With just four singles under their belt they have already graced the hallowed stage of the Manchester Ritz in support of The K’s, and sold out further headline dates in both Manchester and Liverpool. They were scheduled to tour the UK with The Reytons which has been slightly delayed due to the C word, but this downtime has allowed them to put everything in place for their fifth single – ‘One Step Closer’ out August 7th. We caught up with the band ahead of the release:

For those who aren’t yet familiar with SYFTA, how would you introduce yourselves?

We’re SYFTA, a four piece band from Widnes, just outside of Liverpool! I’d say it’s difficult nowadays to confine anyone to a specific genre, but we’re probably best labelled as an indie rock band. I think our music caters to each side of the indie spectrum, we’ve got our heavier songs like ‘Breathe’ but then some of our newer songs that we’re demoing at the minute are a bit more poppy and upbeat! So there’s plenty for everyone when listening to us I’d say.

You just recently announced your upcoming single, ‘One Step Closer’ – what can fans expect from it?

I think everyone is going to enjoy One Step Closer, or at least I hope they will! We’re really proud of it as a single, it’s a powerful indie rock number so it’s a bit different to our last release. We try and make a little something for everyone in all that we do and One Step Closer is no exception, we cannot wait for you to hear it!


How is Widnes as a place to write and play music?

With Widnes being our home town we’d love to build the music scene here as much as possible. Allo Sound studios is where we practice and record all songs and it has two great fellas backing it, the owner and the producer. As far as writing goes you have to think outside the box a little when your sat playing in your bedroom. I remember one of the first songs I wrote was about the reflection of myself in a glass I had in my room when I was about 14 so to say the tunes have improved is an understatement. I suppose you just have to delve a little deeper and put your life experiences into a song. For me the more personal the song is the more passion you have when you’re playing it.

You have had your upcoming live dates alongside The Reytons rescheduled for this coming Autumn, how do you think the return of live music will manage?

We were really excited for everything we had scheduled this summer, from our supports with The Reytons to a slot at YNOT Festival, obviously we’re gutted but we know that a few cancellations and rearrangements aren’t the end of us! At the minute I’m really unsure, I think it’s too soon to comment on anything that’s going to happen this year, I really hope the live music industry takes a boom, people realising how much they missed live music will hopefully spur them on to supporting local bands!

Do you feel as if lockdown has altered, or influenced your creativity in any way?

Lockdown has definitely had an influence on our creativity as a band. I think we are just lucky enough to be in a generation of technology when this happened. We can record ideas and send them back and forth to each other to the point when we got back in practice that we’ve almost got a finished tune. With the lyrics I had to think of past experiences otherwise I’d be singing a song about being stuck in the house for the last 3 months and I’d rather not remind myself of how repetitive it has been every time we sing the tune.

What does the future hold for SYFTA?

The future for SYFTA seems quite exciting. The fact that we’ve gotten to the point where we as a band are being a lot less critical of where we are and where we are going says it all. As a band you have to be the biggest critic to push yourself to be better and better but some of the gigs offers we have started getting the past few months have really surprised us and just goes to show that hard work will eventually start to pay off. We have few announcement left in the bag this year if certain rules of lockdown don’t get in the way but if all comes to the worst we will keep all our focus on a very big 2021. We have a long way to go and a lot of fight left in us. This is only the beginning. Up the SYF!



Picture Dominic Walsh



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