Blackpool’s finest ruffians, Strange Bones, have been tearing up the floorboards in every dingy basement up and down the country as part of their Blitz! tour this past month. The band consist of the Bentham brothers Bob, Will and Jack alongside childhood friend Spud Newburn on drums. With around 500 shows under their belt and Bob, seemingly turning into a pit bull behind the mic, you know their shows are going to be a hellstorm. We managed to sedate Bob with some pretty strong shit and get him to chat with us about the band.


Hey guys, for those of our readers who are yet to become familiar with your music, what can they expect from live shows, how’d you describe your act?

Full throttle, pedal to the metal!

If you cut the music in some of your live videos some people may mistake you for a fetish performance, could you explain the stories behind the masks and the characters you introduce on stage?

I started wearing the balaclava as a reaction to Theresa Mays ‘snoopers charter’ and ‘IP’ bill – which is an attack on our privacy and will have opened doors for more intrusive legislation in the future. 1984 eat ya heart out. The gas masks are straight out the soviet union, I’m just preparing for the 60-minute war.

You write with quite a proverbial tongue, introducing these beasts within your tracks, from Wolves to Crocodiles to Snakes and now the Triceratops, why’d you choose to reference animalistic natures so heavily? 

We are all beasts at heart, animalistic by nature, everything we do is primal, I find it interesting to look at the humankind and see the laws of nature slowly bend as the mind evolves.


Blackpool seems like a really small scene, what advice would you give for bands trying to push away from their hometowns and get booked for shows elsewhere?

Try and reach out to as many promoters as possible, watch out for snakes, never to pay-to-play shows. Get in touch with Mikey at This Feeling. Put on as many of your own shows as you can!


Last year you released a single early to your “Bones Army” via WhatsApp, pushing new material directly into the palms of those who jones for your music. Can we expect any more ingenious release ideas like this?

For sure, I have a few ideas!

For me, I’d perceive God Save the Teen to be largely about how money has tainted society and how people fail to recognise a clear disparity between rich and poor. With that in mind, how do you feel about the unfathomably large amount of money raised to restore Notre Dame after it’s vicious blaze when other social issues go largely ignored?

It’s pretty fucked, considering what 800 million could do for the mass of French people and refugees living lives of abject deprivation. 

Are there any other issues you feel people have turned a blind eye to in the midst of Brexit and May stopping for a poo on the M54?

I can’t help but feel like Brexit has been used as a very clever tool to bore the living fuck out of the younger generations that had a sudden interest in politics during the general election. BREXIT BREXIT BREXIT all day every day, bored. There are a million issues that need dealing with, from the housing situation to the NHS, but there’s always a fucking way to take peoples minds off them.

You’re no strangers to a continually adapting sound and that theme continues with your new single, Vicious. From start to finish it’s flowing with energy and between the madness, I can sense a bit of Ministry, are there any bands in particular who’ve influenced your sound on these new tracks and how?

I listen to so many different genres of music it’s going to be hard for me to tell you what influenced me, I think a lot of the time the influence is subconscious. Most recently I have been listening to Death Grips, King Yosef and Girl Band. 

It feels although you were pretty quiet release-wise last year, how’s this year going to be different? 

We are going turbo. The complete opposite of last year. I say fuck the old-school format of releasing music, I’m gonna release a tune every 6 weeks.

You’ve toured the UK relentlessly for years now, Germany twice and recently France. Where’s next?

The world.


What would your dream venue be to play and who would you have on the bill?

Koko – Calva Louise – Avalanche Party – King Yosef – Bobby Vylan


Bob with Bobby Vylan.

Finally – fuck, marry and murder: Theresa May, George Osbourne and Trump. 

I would marry George Osbourne, who’s a good boy? Murder Donald Trump in and fuck Theresa May, for country, queen and god.

Strange Bones are on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and iTunes. Their website can be found here

The band play for This Feeling at Truck Festival, 25-28th June, for all details click here.



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