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Sophie and the Giants, as I write, have begun scooting up and down the country sharing their incredible sound far and wide while supporting the wonderful Welsh poets and vagabonds, Trampolene. 

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I thought it would be great to chat with them and find out what exactly is behind this up and coming band. With Sophie Scott on vocals and guitar, Toby Holmes on lead guitar, Bailey Stapledon on bass and Chris  Hill on drums, Sophie and the Giants are a retro pop four-piece based in Sheffield. They have worked with the likes of Natalie Findlay (Findlay) and Jon McClure and Eddy Cosens (Reverend and the Makers). Their influences include Blondie, Wolf Alice and Haim.

“Sophie and the Giants is the brain child of front woman Sophie Scott, who had an urge to play the songs she had written for years within a band setting. They  are sonically wise beyond their years. Each song they craft is a perfect concoction of everything that’s wanted from music, whether you’re a die hard fan or a casual listener. Their hooks reel you in and the lyrics hold your attention in their expressive and relatable nature, painting pictures in your mind. They’ve so quickly mastered the art of having a sound that’s nearly impossible to pin down to an exact point. They’re poppy, but still retain an impressive uniqueness. Sophie and The Giants are unpredictable, but in no way chaotic. This is just the beginning for one of the most authentic and exciting up and coming bands that there has been for quite a while.” (Jasleen Dhindsa)

For people who are not yet familiar with your sound and lyrics, how would you describe your music currently? Has it changed much since you started playing?

We integrate alternative influences into pop music, we are big lovers of modern music as well as romantic classics, ranging from Wolf Alice to Dusty Springfield and Connie Francis. Being 19 and still learning from everything I experience, I write mostly to share these experiences so hopefully they can be relatable and empower others. I want people to feel something when they hear our music as well as making them wanna get up dance around.

Who would you say most influences your music?

Siouxsie and the Banshees, Wolf Alice, Richard Hawley

For anyone thinking of coming to the tour, what can they expect from you?

This is our first tour and we have a new sound being brought to the table which is definitely worth checking out. This is just the start for us but we have some big plans brewing. So be the first to have a taste!

What do you know and are looking forward to about the other bands playing?

Definitely, since moving to Sheffield we’ve heard lots of great stuff about Trampolene and Himalayas, so we’re really excited to be able to spend the next couple of weeks with them and hear their tunes on repeat. Also excited to hear and meet The Haze who’re also doing really well as an upcoming band.

Can fans expect anything new from you?

All of our music is brand new after spending last year locked away writing so, everything!

Which of your tracks/spoken word are you most looking forward to sharing with fans?

We’re releasing our debut single on the 20th April, which will be announced at each of the shows, so come down and find out!

What are you currently promoting and what should fans, new and old, be looking out for from you now and in the near future?

We can’t give too much away but we’ll be playing a lot venues around the UK this year, we’ve never been more proud of any music we’ve created so get down to one of our gigs and stay tuned for what is to come from Sophie and the Giants.

Ok – will do! We’ll be catching them on this tour very shortly and look forward to seeing these guys live.



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