Business is picking up for the six sons of Sunderland. Social Room have not only landed a spot at this years Lindisfarne Festival who are working in partnership with Musicians Against Homelessness this year, but they have also been hand picked by the Happy Mondays in their huge unsigned band competition. Mixing classic Britpop sounds in a similar vein to greats such as ‘The Verve’ and ‘James’ whilst infusing some fresh anthemic tones akin to DMAs, Social Room are becoming the new name in indie. We caught up with them before their appearance at Lindisfarne Festival this weekend…

How did you form?

We formed around 4 years ago when Potts (Adam Potts) came back home from Leeds uni and rang me up (Matty Smith) wanting to initially just write some music… So we did. The other lads came in through me or Adam after a few months when we decided we wanted to hear and play the songs live. We have had a few changes since then , Lenny came in on keys and most recently Tim on drums which completed our sound.

How would you describe your sound in 3 words?

Rock and Roll.

Why should people check you out at Lindifarne Festival?

If you like big tunes/catchy dance beats and choruses you can sing along to you would be missing out if you didn’t!

How does it feel to be personally chosen by the Happy Mondays?

We were over the moon to be picked by them! We think we fit in with thier style of music so to be chosen by them personally, was unbelievable. We shared the stage with them at Sunnyside live last year then this year at Hardwick and now up at Lindisfarne. This is exactly the direction we want to go in.


What are you most excited for?

We just can’t wait to play to a bunch of new people to be honest!

What acts on the line up are you looking to catch?

Definitely Happy Mondays again, always good to see that.  We played with We Tibetans at Ku bar a few weeks back and they were decent, tops lads as well.

If The Happy Mondays, Oasis & Stone Roses were about to be wiped from history and you could only save one band… who do you save?

We can’t answer that… it’s out of the question even hypothetically.

Do you have any festival survival tips?

Get on it until you leave. Nothing worse than being hungover at a festival. Oh, and see as many bands as you can!

The theme this year is Pirates vs Vikings, would you describe yourself and a dirty sea dog or more of a Norse warrior?

Pirates 100%.

What’s next for Social Room?

Gigs gigs gigs. We will be announcing some shows to take us up to February next year in the next few weeks. We want to push our new EP put across the country. Next year we want to hit as many festival’s as we can!

Get to know Social Room here: https://socialroom.bandcamp.com

Check out full line-up and tickets here, it’s going to be some weekend!




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