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A true Queen on the unsigned scene Sahera Walker is only 18 and is the driving force, brains and ‘face’ of the newly launched ‘Some Might Say‘. A new DIY print zine which aims to help promote and introduce people to all that is new, up and coming and worth looking out for in the British music scene. It pays particular attention to post-punk/grunge/heavy indie rock. Sahera also puts on a gig to accompany every issue at legendary London venue Nambucca. 

Passionate and driven about music and photography, the fourth issue has split cover stars with The Scruff, The Surrenders and Avalanche Party each sharing a third of the zines printed. 

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I caught up with Sahera to find out more…
Tell us all about Some Might Say? How did it all start? 

I’ve always loved the DIY authenticity of rock music, and wanted to do something that would bring back some sort of nostalgia to journalism in particular. I used to love and read the NME religiously but it never focused on the tiny under-the-radar bands, and once it went free and started putting bland pop stars on the cover, I saw a huge gap in the market for honest journalism promoting new underground music. I came up with the idea this time last year and spent the whole summer building up a mini brand and interviewing some of my favourite bands. The idea was to make it a one-off release but people seemed to love it so much that it stuck and has become my main focus in the industry.

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Did you spot a gap in the market that you could fill? Tell me what you think about the NME ceasing to print and how do you feel you can do better? 

With the NME it was a massive kick in the face when they started putting Taylor Swift and Rihanna on the cover. Go on to their website and type in 485C, False Heads, Strange Bones – nothing comes up. They went so shit over the last two years, that the name ‘New Music Express’ was essentially false. I feel like there’s a huge market of people who love physical magazines and want to pick up a magazine and flick through it and find some good new music to get into: just because NME stabbed itself in the back and sold out doesn’t mean people don’t care about new music. I guess the aim of Some Might Say simply is to push and promote new music on every level.

How do you hope to develop and expand over the next 12 months? 

Over the next 12 months I’d love to build up a team of artists, writers and photographers and build up a little freelancing community. I also want to push Some Might Say as a brand too. I’ve been speaking with a lot of venues and record labels about working with them, and there’s some really exciting stuff I can’t wait to spill the details about!

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How do you feel have you been received since you started? How far do you think you can take Some Might Say? 

Since it started, things have been going so well which is honestly overwhelming. Each issue has sold out and it’s had support from Steve Lamacq, Flying Vinyl, This Feeling, Vallance Records, so many huge names which means so much! It’s also crazy having bands like False Heads and Strange Bones willing to plug the zine and play gigs for me, it all means the world.

You also put on live events which have been very successful. Tell me more about this.

So for Issue One I wanted to put on a gig as the launch party, and it went so well that I decided to do a launch party gig for each issue. I’m lucky to be based round London, and I put on nights now every two months at Nambucca which is my favourite venue ever. Running a gig is so stressful, especially when you have big names playing and big agents and managers coming down, but it’s the most exhilarating and exciting thing and the nights always end up a messy boozy party.

On a personal level, what first attracted you to the music scene? 

I think what attracted me to it was how fun it was. Just hanging out with your favourite bands and witnessing some of the best live music in the coolest parts of the city seemed so attractive to me, and once you’re part of the scene you become best mates with the coolest people. Being part of the scene is so special and you get to work and hang out with the most amazing people. I guess the idea of being part of this huge amazing family was what made the scene so attractive to me.

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You are only 18! And already a making a huge noise on the unsigned scene – what drives you to be so fabulous? 

Ah thank you! There’s just something so special about music, both on and off stage, and the people that I get to work with are the best, most inspirational people ever. I guess what drives me is knowing my writing can help these bands, and that it helps promote them. It’s honestly the most fulfilling thing when people tell me they’ve discovered their new favourite band through me.

Do you have a particular scene or genre you would say you lean towards? Are there any up and coming acts you recommend we should listen out for? 

Definitely the heavier side of rock music, I’d say post-punk/ grunge/ heavy indie rock. So many, it’s crazy, I’d definitely recommend Avalanche Party, Yowl, LICE, Brainglue, Haze, Blue Bendy, Riches, Cannibal Animal, and of course False Heads, Calva Louise, Dirty Orange and The Surrenders.

What’s next for Some Might Say?

World domination I reckon.


Favourite Bands/Artists

Arctic Monkeys, Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana, False Heads, and Strange Bones

Five Favourite Albums

The White Album – The Beatles; Lullabies to Paralyse –  Queens Of The Stone Age; Modern Ruin – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes; Sugar Coated Bitter Truths – Slaves Inside.

Five Favourite Films

Inside Llewyn David, Submarine, Nowhere Boy, Yves Saint Laurent, We Need To Talk About Kevin

Five Favourite Items of Clothing

‘False Heads’ band shirt, ‘Who the fuck is Mick Jagger?’ shirt, denim skirt, denim jacket, anything with black lace/ velvet

Five Favourite Icons

Debbie Harry, Alex Turner, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, David Bowie






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Some Might Say Presents #4 is next month (May 24th) at Nambucca. Line-up so far is Sons, The Slumdogs and The Strawberries plus secret headliners TBA. Event page



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