After a three year covid induced hiatus, our favourite Aussie indie rockers Planet are back in the UK. Having supported the likes of DMA’s and Liam Gallagher, the band are currently on their first UK headline tour. The Sydney four piece have just released their eagerly awaited debut album ‘Information Overload’, an album full of hazy guitar pop and catchy indie rock tracks that are perfect for their upcoming headline appearances at this years Isle Of Wight and Truck festival with This Feeling.

I caught up with Matty for a chat… 

Welcome back to the UK guys, it’s been a while since we caught up at Tramlines! How are you all doing? How are you feeling about finally getting to the UK for this tour?

Tramlines in Sheff’ how could we forget! That was the first UK festival we played and it was raining during our set. So happy to be finally back here! It’s been hot minute (‘bout 3 years) and we are all very excited to be touring the UK again.

Your debut album is out now, tell me more about the origins of Information Overload…

It was our lockdown baby… As you may know we had a UK tour locked in for after the release of our Maybe Someday EP in 2020 but we had to cancel and reschedule that tour about 3 times, until we eventually lined up this album tour for Information Overload. The album all came about from not being able to play live, which actually gave us some time to record an album. There are a couple of older songs on there alongside a big bunch of new ones – hinting on the direction of where the band is leading to.

What is the significance of the title?

Information Overload. I think we’ve all felt it, especially in the last few years. It’s when there is too much stuff going on in the world whether it’s political, news, disasters, personal life etc.. where you can’t think clearly or at all. Pretty appropriate and common in this day and age.

Have you always had an idea of how you wanted this record to sound or has it changed over time?

It definitely has changed a little bit over the last few years. We wanted to add a lot more production to these songs but without adding 7+ guitar tracks, like we did in our earlier songs. We ended up adding a fair bit of synths, grand piano and string sections and we reckon it sounds pretty great. Definitely leading the sound into the direction of where we want to go.

It was produced by the legendary Adrian Bushby who has worked with many big names including New Order and Foo Fighters, what did you feel he brought to the album?

Bushby is great! He brought so much clarity to the mixes straight away! This album was a bit of a Frankenstein in terms of the recording process. We were in and out of different studios – home, professional and sneaking into music college studios. It was strange at first working with Adrian remotely on the other side of the world but I think we made it work. He came up a few great ideas on a some of the songs, letting them breathe a little by taking instruments out in certain parts – this definitely helped the tunes out.

In that same vein, what distinct nuances did each of you personally bring to the album?

I would say because we did the most of the engineering on the album, it has a distinct sound to it without sounding too ‘home-studioy’. It still has our ‘folk’ style writing in terms of acoustically stripped back songs like ‘Hard To Come By’ and ‘Ship Won’t Change’ which I think is pretty iconically PLANET. But with getting strings recorded by these guys (Pete Whitfield and Simon Turner) in Manchester it brought a whole new element to the songs. It also then has our classic rock-y/big riff songs on it like ‘Lost My Honesty’ + ‘Information Overload’.

How different is life over here from home? Do you find it easy as songwriters to resonate with people from the UK and Australia?

I’ve been finding it pretty similar – I can tell that both home and here have been hit pretty hard by the pandemic and its been affecting all musicians and everyone in the entertainment industry pretty badly in most aspects. I’m just happy to be playing shows to be honest! Yeah the people are lovely, the fans are passionate and there is such a great music culture over here. Only main difference is the dodgy shower pressure, but we’ve actually been having a good run this time round!

You are currently on tour in the UK. What songs are you looking forward to playing most?

All the album songs! They are all brand spanking new for us to play so I’m happy we are debuting them over here. ‘Pulse’ + ‘Hard To Come By’ are fun to play live, everyone loves the older stuff too as well. I only just released yesterday when we were playing in London that we haven’t even played the Maybe Someday EP songs over here because of the tour getting cancelled… ‘Maybe Someday’ is super fun to play live too.

I see you’ve just played Sound City in Liverpool; how was it?

Great, such a vibrant city with an awesome vibe! We actually have just confirmed a rental place there and we’re going to be basing ourselves here for the next 5 months – so you’ll be seeing much more of us in the near future…

Did you get a chance to hang around much? Are you Beatles fans?

Yeah for about 2.5 weeks while looking for a joint to live in – did the whole Matthew St walk when we were staying in the city for 5 days. Love being a tourist every now and then. Yeah, we are all Beatles fans. I think if people say they don’t like the Beatles then they are lying to themselves and need to grow up.

Where is your favourite place to play in the UK? Do you have a favourite venue or crowd?

Normally the further north you go the better! Love the Scottish + Northern crowds as they seem to be the most passionate and reactive, but to be honest everywhere you go people are generally so lovely towards us – it’s great.

You’ve some big, upcoming festival dates including Truck and the Isle of Wight on the This Feeling stage, which you are headlining! Which do you prefer playing, an intimate gig or a summer festival?

Bring on the festivals! Although the intimate gigs are beautiful and really cool I find them way more daunting to be honest.

What does the future hold for Planet?

Touring non-stop the next 5 months and gonna squeeze in recording Album 2 with one of our favourite producers!

Information Overload is out now via Dew Process – limited edition merch bundles available HERE.


May 15 | Manchester, GB Gorilla
May 16 | Birmingham, GB The Castle & Falcon
May 17 | Leeds, GB Brudenell Social Club
May 19 | Sheffield, GB Leadmill
May 20 | Glasgow, GB The Garage
May 21 | Edinburgh, GB Mash House
May 22 | Newcastle, GB Riverside
May 24 | Liverpool, GB O2 Academy Liverpool
May 25 | Nottingham, GB The Rescue Rooms
May 26 | Bristol, GB The Thekla
May 27 | Cardiff, GB Clwb Ifor Bach
May 28 | Dublin, IE The Grand Social









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