Nobodies Birthday are a five piece indie rock band from Reading who have continued to develop their energetic live shows since releasing their debut album ‘All You Ever Want is Everything’ in 2016 before touring as support to The Pigeon Detectives and opening for The Cribs at the Coventry Empire. We caught up with them ahead of their upcoming single ‘Bridges’ which is out next month.
For those who aren’t yet familiar with Nobodies Birthday, how would you introduce yourselves?
We’re a five piece indie rock n roll band from Reading. We pride ourselves on loud catchy tunes that people can get stuck into, especially at one of our shows after a few drinks. ‘Frantic indie rock n roll’ pretty much sums us up I think!
Tell us a bit about your upcoming single, ‘Bridges’.
Another one from our ‘catchy and loud’ playbook! It’s a snarly rock n roll tune with a big chorus and some brilliant guitar work from our lead guitarist Jimbo. One of those tunes you can imagine singing loud in a sweaty venue somewhere, hopefully sooner rather than later!
How would you describe the music scene in Reading?
It’s a real vibrant scene that we have loved being a part of. As well as having some good bands coming out of the town recently, we have to say we’ve had some great support from local promoters and venues who go under the radar a bit. Events like Are You Listening Festival, which is an annual event that we’ve been a part of, have really set the bar high, and everyone steps up to support the music which is good to see. Long may it continue!
An unavoidable talking point at the moment is the current pandemic and the threats that the music industry faces because of it. With no live shows for what looks like the rest of the year, how do you think artists and venues can bounce back?
Seems like things are only going to properly bounce back once people cleverer than us have found a vaccine! But in all seriousness it’d be nice to think there will be a bit of demand around live music and people will just want to get out the house and get down to a pub, club or gig venue. And we’ll be there at any one of those places ready to get back to it!
On a more positive note – it is interesting to see how artists are interpreting the situation. Do you feel as if lockdown has altered, or influenced your creativity in any way?
Yeah, it’s definitely improved creativity! We’ve had more time than ever to think about new ideas and get some demos sorted. Obviously it’s not the same as being in the studio or in a live environment, but we’ve got plenty to work on once we can get back to it so that’s exciting. It’s been cool to see some interesting ways other people have done stuff like listening parties or Zoom music sessions. Everyone’s been mega in helping each other out by keeping the music coming, and we put out some new singles in April during lockdown too, so we did our bit!
What does the future hold for Nobodies Birthday?
More gigs and more music basically. We had some cool shows planned that had to be cancelled. We would’ve been going to places such as Leeds for the first time through This Feeling who are the best in the business, so keep an eye out on us rearranging the show through them! But on top of that we’ll be trying to do even more shows in even more places, as well as new music after ‘Bridges’ is out. We ain’t slowing down!
Listen out for ‘Bridges’ on July 27th via all streaming platforms.





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