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We caught up with Alicia, Taylor and Carli from Live Circuit, the London based music promotion company who aim to provide the best up and coming shows in the city while building positive working relationships with others and encouraging successful collaborations. Great minds think alike! We were keen to find out the motivation behind the company and their plans for the future.

Tell us all about Live Circuit. How did it start and what prompted you to take on such a labour of love as running a mag and putting on gigs? 

Alicia: Live Circuit is a London-based promotion company that put on bands at independent venues across the city. Taylor asked me to create a magazine for Live Circuit to promote the bands and the company. I’ve been dabbling in the old music journalism for quite a few years now so I was chuffed that he asked me! I’ll let him explain what Live Circuit is in a bit more detail.

Taylor: I had been knocking around the live music circuit for years. It was kinda annoying as there are not many companies around that treated bands fairly while trying to help them progress, you know? And I wanted to go from being freelance to starting a company and bring ideas I had been working on a while together.

Carli: I was fairly new to the scene, but working in different music venues around London made me share that point of view.  The way it seemed bands and promoters antagonised each other instead of working together made me question whether there would be a better way to conduct those relationships. And we discovered that there is, which is the philosophy behind Live Circuit. 

Did you spot a gap in the market that you feel the Live Circuit can fill? 

Taylor: We’re not necessarily filling a spot in the market, we’re joining an existing market and helping it grow with new concepts and ideas.

Carli: We want to support independent venues, which sadly have been closing at an alarming rate. 

Taylor: I still miss Barfly.

Carli: Yeah me too. And we also want to help musicians take the next step in their career. With the amount of like-minded people we’ve encountered on the way I believe we can make a real difference working side by side.

Alicia: Obviously with NME going out of print, I think that there is definitely a gap to be filled. We haven’t really got that definitive source of new music now, and where Live Circuit is also a promotion company, I think we could really give bands and artists the platform that they need and deserve. There’s so many magazines that are doing it amazingly at the moment like The Zine, Sahera’s Some Might Say, Denim + Leather, yourselves at Northern Exposure! We’re all doing our bit and I think it’s so inspirational. 

How do you hope to develop and expand over the next twelve months?

Taylor: We’re in the process of expanding to different cities across the UK such as Brighton, Leicester, Manchester and a few more. One of the great things about Live Circuit is that we all come from different backgrounds that aren’t necessarily related, but what we all share is our love for music. That prompts a lot of different ideas. We are always open to trying different things, which would benefit the bands that work with us. We’ve been talking to a few people about participating in a some festivals next year. Anyone who wants to get involved, all they have to do is send us a text and we’ll do our best to make their ideas happen.

You’ve released your first edition; how have you been received?

Alicia: I think we’ve been received pretty well for our first edition! I’ve had people tell me that reading the zine really made them laugh, which is exactly what I wanted it to achieve. People have also mentioned how great it looks, which is all down to our amazing artist, Jelena Aleksejeva. 

How far do you think you can take Live Circuit?

Taylor: We’re in the process of putting together a five-year business plan that leads up to our own camping festival. 

Carli: The possibilities are endless, like Taylor said; we are always taking up new ideas. It’s really a trial and error but so far it’s been more of a trial and success.

Alicia: I think we could take over the world. 

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On a personal level, what first attracted you to the music scene?

Alicia: I was brought up in a musical home, my mum has stacks and stacks of albums and the neighbours used to complain about how loud she would blare out her tunes. She has influenced me massively. My big brother Billy, who plays in The Jackals with Carl Barat, has also been one of my biggest inspirations. I hardly ever say it to him but he is so talented. Apart from influences, being at a gig is one of the best feelings ever; being sweaty, screaming along to big tunes with your arms around your best mate’s shoulder, you can’t beat that. I love a good dance as well. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, so I thought what better thing to write about than something I’ve loved for my whole life. 

Do you have a particular scene or subculture you would say you lean towards?

Alicia: Well, I’m a bit of a rock n roll gal at heart, I love the ’60s and ’70s fashion, music, state of mind… 

Are there any up and coming acts you would recommend we should listen out for? 

Carli: Feral Youth and Luna Blue from Brighton! Couples and The Family Dog in London, Puppet Theory from Manchester, Rival Bones from Liverpool as well. I can go like this all day to be honest.

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Taylor: Broken Strangers are one of my favourite at the moment. I came across them when they had first started out and I picked them up cause I really liked their sound. False Heads are amazing as well. A few I personally really like from Brighton are Beach Riot and Dirty. But there’s so many really…Karma Sheen are amazing and they’ve got an EP coming out very soon.  Albion, which whom I’ve been working with for years. I can’t really choose one. 

Alicia: I recently booked a band from Wales called Chapel Row, they’re amazing, big things are coming from them mark my words! Also, The Garage Flowers are doing some great things at the moment, they don’t get the recognition they deserve I don’t think, their new single’s out now, ‘Crashing The Party’, and it’s such a belter live. I think The Blinders are going to be one of those bands people talk about for years as well. The Americas are great, there’s so many to choose from! 

What’s next for Live Circuit?

Taylor: Promotion-wise, we’re working on this very big new project at the moment. 

Carli: Oooohhh careful, don’t spill the beans!

Taylor: No, I won’t, don’t worry. The concept is based on something that has not been done for a few decades and adapted to this day and age, creating something completely new. You’re gonna have to keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Alicia: Zine-wise, we’re in the middle of creating Issue 2, which I’m really excited to share with everyone. We’ve got a cool announcement to make soon so keep your eyes and ears peeled. 

NE Quick Fire Fives:

Five favourite bands/artist

So so hard! My all-time favourite band is The Rolling Stones, I love The Cribs, and at the moment I’m loving The Blinders, DMA’s and Sunflower Bean. 

Five favourite albums

This is so difficult! But at the moment I can’t stop playing: Exile On Main Street by The Rolling Stones, Hills End by DMA’s, Searching For Sugarman, a soundtrack album with songs by Rodriguez, So Alone by Johnny Thunders, and Let It Bleed by The Rolling Stones.

Five favourite films

In no particular order… Almost Famous, Donnie Darko, True Romance, Wayne’s World and Stoned

Five favourite items of clothing

This little vintage dress I stole from a friend (sorry!), all of my flared trousers, my Willy Wonka velvet blazer that my two best mates bought me, my afghan coats and my leather jacket. 

Five favourite icons
There’s so many to name! Keith Richards, Joan Jett, Iggy Pop, Toni Morrison and Audrey Hepburn. 




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