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Honey Lung were asked to play BBC Introducing Stage at Leeds Festival this year and apart from having to be towed in to the festival when their old faithful bus broke down, the whole experience was a blast! They managed to deliver their raucous and chaotic set, evoking an early Pixies sound and performing a set to be really proud of. The crowd loved them, showing their appreciation as rocking heads bobbed in unison. Honey Lung feel that over the last six months their own sound and the opportunities to share their music have gone through the roof. Hailing from London, they have spent the last couple of years developing their unique sound and now prepare to take the world (or at least the UK and Germany in the short term) by storm.


Introduce and describe yourself.

Jamie: I’m Jamie and I guess I would describe myself as annoying and I’ll just leave that there.

Dave: My name is Dave. I’m the sensible one but I’m always late.

Andrea: My name is Andrea and I’m tall, dark and handsome.

Charlie: I’m Charlie and I am hungover, hungover, hungover.

You haven’t been together very long have you? How did you get together?

Jamie: Well, this current line-up has only been going about six months but I’d say the band has been going a little under two years.

You have a bit of a buzz about you at the minute – what do you put that down to?

Dave: I think it’s because of a few key performances and the one that defined it would be, in my opinion,  (I wasn’t even in the band at the time) but they did a Radio X showcase thing at the Social in London. The guys there said, ‘You can have a free guest list!’ and they must have fetched about a hundred and seventy people down! It was absolute carnage and since then it has just been all go really – everything has just been kind of happening.



You released your last E.P in November last year but then it got taken down. Why was that?

Jamie: Yeah we took it down because we were kind of looking for a new sound and we didn’t think it represented us fairly.

Dave: We still have the records with us and we still play the singles live but I guess with line-up change and the direction we are going we just had to take it down. But we still love those songs and appreciate them.

What made you change direction?

Charlie: Well we are a different band – we have Dave now, we’ve got two guitarists and were trying to experiment with new sounds.

Jamie: When we started we were a three-piece so that kind of pushed us into writing certain kind of music but now that we are a bigger band, and also our tastes are growing, we just listen to different stuff now too.

Who do you get your biggest influence from?

Jamie: I like a  band called Yuk-  we love them and the Smashing Pumpkins is a trend for all of us.

What is important to you and do you try to give any message across in your songs?

Jamie: We talk a lot about friends and relationships.

Dave: It’s about growing up and troubles – the good bits and the bad bits I suppose.

When did you sign to your record label?

Jamie: They signed us literally when we started, after like our sixth show or something. They picked us up really fast and actually Dave was a promoter which is a weird story because he has helped us hugely all of our careers. Well so far we have been through like three bassists so we just sort of got him in at the end.

Andre: He actually put us on our first show and then joined the band later.

What is happening right now for Honey Lung?

Dave: We have a single coming out at the end of September so we are getting ready to organise a single launch for that and getting the press out.

Jamie: We are working on an album. We have a lot of songs but we have got to work through them and figure out which to use and I want it to be a journey.

Dave: We have some really cool shows coming up as well – we’re going abroad for the first time to Rotterdam and we’re going on tour with Citizen to Germany. We went from playing some really crap shows to doing some really cool stuff.

Honey Lung were blown away by their reception at Leeds Festival. ‘Leeds Fest was gritty, exciting and beautiful’, Charlie told us. ‘Playing to a crowd we weren’t familiar with so far from home and to get such a nice response made it all worthwhile.’ This response propels them on for future successes and must give them a real optimism for the future. In fact, Leeds Fest was a great start to their tour, ‘despite the van breaking down just outside the festival!’ We know this band are destined for great things, their hard work and enthusiasm for live performances driving them forward. At a time when bands are struggling to stay together, rehearsal and gig issues abound, Honey Lung plough on defiantly and are the secret to their own success. A great philosopher once said, ‘Success is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet.’ Well, preparation and opportunity are colliding right now for this band and we know we’ll be hearing much more from them very soon.

Their future tour dates at present are:

01.09.17   Roadmender – Northampton

02.09.17   Wilkestock Charity Festival – Hertford

08.09.17   The Gravel Pit – Tenniscentrum, Blijdorp, Rotterdam, NL

09.09.17   Katzwijm Bier festival, Rotterdam, NL

24.09.17   Underground Festival – Gloucester

03.10.17   The Deaf Institute – Manchester (with Citizen)

04.10.17   Bodega – Nottingham

05.10.17   Bush Hall – London

07.10.17   Tsunami Club –  Cologne, Germany (with Citizen)

08.10.17   Cassiopeia – Berlin, Germany (with Citizen)

14.10.17   Hackney Wonderland – London

You can catch all things Honey Lung on their social media pages below.


For the full performance of Sophomore at Reading Festival this year click on the link below courtesy of BBC Introducing:



















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