A windy Thursday evening at the Frog and Parrot, one of Sheffield’s most iconic drinking establishments. This evening it is playing host to three local bands, one of which being Ladybower. A band from all over, but coming together in South Yorkshire.

Having only been playing together for just under a year, Ladybower’s sound is so polished and distinct, with the band themselves knowing exactly the vibe they’re going for, but one that’s particularly hard to describe. If I had to try, I’d go with funky britpop, but less shit sounding.

Having never really listened to Ladybower until a day before the gig, I had no idea what to expect from them. But my first listen was an absolute delight, along with seeing them live for the first time. I spoke to the band ahead of the gig to take a deeper dive into Ladybower.

Forming in Sheffield, the band take a huge amount of inspiration from the city, hence the name, and title Pulp as one of their collective favourite bands.

‘We got played on BBC introducing a while ago, they said we sounded like Pulp and honestly we couldn’t have been happier because that was the first time any outsiders had actually commented on our music’.

Speaking of inspiration, lead singer, Joe, explains that doing a degree in psychology helped with his song writing style.

‘I went from writing really personal songs to almost exclusively writing songs that are based around characters’. ‘Roving Eye’, takes a look into the world of pick up culture and the men teaching other men how to pick up women. The songs used to be a bit more overtly political too, but now they just have political undertones. It’s not about us shouting our political ideas at people, but we’re still writing about it in a less obvious way.’

The band frequently receive comments of people comparing their sound to LCD Soundsystem, but Ladybower welcome these comparisons with open arms, titling the late 90s/early 00s British music scene as a sound they try to emulate.

‘One of our recent songs sounds literally just like an LCD Soundsystem song with a guitar riff over the top.’

Ladybowers next Sheffield gig is on 3rd April supporting Bedroom Boredom at Network. Stream new single ‘Nature Finds a Way’ https://open.spotify.com/track/7z7vGA9iEkOgeSpl3Uyr1b?si=FjqoYiMuQkqXLhxuW95nDg




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