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On Monday we ran the Northern Exposure INmusic Competition Final in partnership with Pirate Studios and association with MAH and EuFest. The final was held in Salford, Manchester at Pirate Studios event space. From an amazing shortlist, six lucky bands The Americas, Hands Off Gretel, Himalayas, Deep City Diver and The Receivers played on the night to compete for paid flights, entry in to the festival, camping and a 6pm slot on the main stage of the INMusic Festival #13 2018 where Queens of the Stone Age headline. False Heads from London were the band who impressed the judges and took the prize. False Heads are a band who seem intent on bringing post-millennial grunge kicking and screaming into the modern day and letting their accents shine through in their vivid shows, the London-based trio are establishing themselves as one of the country’s premier live acts, their performances oozing with debauchery and decadence. With musical acquaintances ranging from The Libertines to Iggy Pop, to say that the band are destined for big things would be an understatement. We caught up with Luke singer from the band to find out how it felt to win the phenomenal prize…

Firstly, congratulations on your INmusic Festival win! How does it feel to now be playing the main stage with QOTSA?

Thank you very much. Yeah, it feels pretty incredible. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be the highlight of festival season and we can be reunited with Josh after supporting him at ULU (A Peaceful Noise) last year. Let’s see if he remembers us.

You impressively won the competition whilst overcoming a nasty bout of Pneumonia Luke, I guess taking part in this competition was very important to you?

Hahaha yes it was. It’s just such a great opportunity, we had to play it. So I just dosed up and yeah we cracked on. We couldn’t pull out of that.

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Out of all the bands on the bill, who were you most excited to see?

The Americas, we’ve seen them a few times and they’re just amazing at what they do, and we’ve become buds with them so, yeah always enjoy watching those dudes and hanging out with them.

You were up against some tough competition, what made you stand out against everyone else do you think?

I don’t know, we just give 100 percent in our performance and I think that amplifies our songs a little bit so maybe that? We give every last little bit we have into our live performance so I’m hoping that showed, well I guess it did haha. 

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Can you give me a insight for people over in Croatia about False Heads, tell me all about you, how the band came about and what you as a band are all about?

We were all in old bands and then about 2-3 years ago, Barney moved back home form Bristol and we made a band. Put some tracks, had some real deep shit with a label that nearly ruined us, said fuck that. Got that sorted and now we’re back to hit the ground running. Oh and somewhere in there Iggy Pop says we are one his favourite UK acts at the moment haha

You are on tour as we speak hows that going? Any stand out venues?

Dingwalls and Jimmys are my two favourites on the list. Although the Attic in Glasgow was fucking awesome and playing with the Strange Bones boys just means the crowds are so up for it. It’s been great. I don’t really focus too much on the venues really, just let is happen.

Tell me about your new single Retina, can you tell us where the inspiration for the song came from?

The whole song musically was built around the riff that I just brought into rehearsal one day. It came really easily once we started jamming on that riff. Lyrically, I was trying to remember a real fucked up acid trip and comparing it with panic attacks and anxiety a little bit I guess, but there’s also some shit in there that I cannot remember what they meant but I’m sure it means something important.

Are there any plans for an album yet and if so what can people expect from it to set your band apart from other bands?

We have the songs for an album, we’re talking to some big people so we need to just see what happens over the next month or two really and then we will have a clearer picture. I think (not naming any names) that a lot of bands I see, their songs feel like it’s just thrown together, we take a lot of time making sure a song is as good as it should be and we also don’t just write the same song over and over again.

Finally, have you got any gigs left on the tour coming up and where can people find out more about you guys?

London – Dingwalls — 23rd Feb
Manchester — Jimmys — 25th Feb
March 1st — Hasselt — Cafe Cafe
March 3rd — Paris — Le Truskel
March 24th — Liverpool – Sound
March 31st — Leeds — The Lending Room or

Tickets for INmusic are available at:

Rachel Brown

Photography by Trust A Fox 


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