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After many, many days of searching, we here at Northern Exposure have recovered one of our ancient, lost archives. Presumably stolen, rushed out of the country, hidden in an Asia-bound container ship, presumed lost after a plane carrying it crashed into the South American forests, we’ve recovered the last, fragile fragments from the cassette tape of our interview with Feeder. Unfortunately, the accompanying cassette player didn’t make it. 

First created at this year’s ill-fated Y Not Festival, our interview was doomed from its inception. But much like Feeder’s latest album, it has arrived, long-awaited, now here in all its glory. 

For those of you somehow unfamiliar with Feeder, their debut single ‘Veins’ launched just over a week ago, so keep an eye out as we capture this exclusive scoop with one of Wales’ most promising young bands, who have also just released their ninth studio album this year…

We touched upon their oldies, their goldies, and their favourite American trade electrical store. 

Tell me about All Bright Electric

“It’s our ninth album- we had a little break to do some other projects. It’s one of my personal favourites, it’s just come out really well. Having a break was really good for us; to break that cycle of album, tour, album tour… After being in a band for 25 years, it’s nice to do something different, it’s definitely back to our rock roots.

Where did the inspiration come from?
I’m always writing songs anyway, so it was just the same way that any Feeder record comes really, just from experience, from life, relationships, friends who’ve been through stuff. Even reading a paper can give you an idea, with what’s happening on the news. The title came from when I was driving back from New York State with my friend, and we went through New Jersey. I looked out the window and there was a big warehouse up on the hill, and it said, ‘All Bright Electric’ in lights. I thought that was a really cool name for a song or an album, and I just remembered it.  

It struck a chord and I quite liked it, sounds like quite a positive title. I think because we’ve been away for a while, we had to come back with something that’s positive. It’s quite nice when things happen like that, in quite a natural way; when you sit down and try to come up with one, it doesn’t always happen, and it was one I kept coming back to, so I’m quite pleased that we used it. 

What was the reaction when you toured it?
Really good. Obviously, we play some old stuff as well, but I think it went well. Because we’d been away a while, we didn’t want to go too big too soon. So, we were kinda testing the water, and then it sold out really quickly, then we wanted to do some more – So we put some more dates on, but by the time we’d got it all ready, we had about three weeks to actually sell it. It was a bit of a gamble, but great fun and it all paid off. 

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Are you looking forward to the homecoming?
It’s just like a little mini-festival really. I grew up in south Wales, just outside of Chepstow, and I realised that we’ve never played there, which is kind of bizarre, really. And it’s our 21-year anniversary since we released our first mini-album Swim, and we’ve got a ‘best of’ coming out at the end of September, which is quite big for us. It also comes with a standalone new album, called Arrow, it’s got nine new tracks on there. Because we want it to be a bit different to a typical best-of, so it’s a best-of, like here’s a celebration of what we’ve done up to now, plus here’s a new album as well.


(Tickets at

Are you going to tour that with the new songs? When’s the tour coming?
Definitely. The first part of next year is the plan [for the tour], so there’s a little gap. But I think that’s fine, because we’re doing festivals up until the end of September, in Japan. We want to have time to sell it, with the last few tours, we’ve literally had no time, and there’s so many bands playing. 

We did a singles album about 10 years ago, and that was just all the singles up until that point. This is basically all the singles up to this point, so we’ve got another 20 tracks on it, plus 9 new ones. It’s quite a body of work, for 41 singles and some double A-sides, so it’s a big difference for fans, with the 9 new tracks; if you buy the deluxe one. That’s the holy grail. It should look really nice, it’s got 4 vinyls in there- there’s actually a few songs we couldn’t fit on there. We fit as many as we could. We might do a rarity album one day, with all the ones we couldn’t squeeze on. 

This is more a celebration of what we’ve achieved, and songs that people will know hopefully a bit more, plus a few slightly rarer earlier singles that maybe you hadn’t heard of if you got into the band later on. It’s looking good for the end of September. 

We did the last three albums on our own label, but this is on BMG, so it’s quite a big label to have behind it. It’ll be interesting to see the difference it makes with another big push. They’re talking about TV advertising and all sorts, so you might see us on before Emmerdale…”

(You can pre-order ‘The Best Of’ here Released via BMG on 29th September 2017. The collection features all singles from 1996-2017 plus new 9 track album “#Arrow“. The album is available as a deluxe 4LP, deluxe 3CD, 2CD and 2MC. All pre-orders will receive new exclusive track “Figure You Out” digitally)

If you happen to miss Feeder before your favourite soap kicks off, fear not; they’ve also got all the usual social outlets. It’s almost like they’re a professional, experienced, long-standing band or something. After having a gander at their Facebooktheir Instagram and TwitterCatch them soon before they wrap up this September…




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