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Brand new Irish psychedelic pop sextet Extranauts release debut single with video “We Used To Dream” 3rd September ’21. We caught up with frontman Keith O’Neill for a chat and an introduction to the band from Waterford and also what it’s like to work with the brilliant Mr. Jagz Kooner.

Hi Keith, thanks for having a chat. So, can you please introduce the band to the UK listeners for us?

Thanks for having us. We are Extranauts, a 6 piece psychedelic beat combo from Waterford, Ireland. We specialise in danceable beats, hummable melodies and thoughtful lyrics. We have played together in different bands throughout the years but the last year and a half gave us the opportunity to get this line-up together.

Who would your influences be?

We are music fanatics and love everything from motown, to techno so all of that filters through into our playing. But for these tracks we were listening to a lot of krautrock bands like Neu! and Can, and really going for that relentless motorik feel but with big melodic hooks over the top. We’ve always loved bands that can make you dance and cry at the same time like New Order, so there is a lot of that influence in there too.

Can you tell us a bit about the new release ‘We Used To Dream’, what the track is about and who wrote it?

I wrote the track. It is about a loss of naivety, the fear of change and the power and danger of nostalgia. The world seems like a really messed up place right now and it’s easy to look back and think about how things were better or simpler but the reality is that things were just as messed up back then, and will be just as messed up tomorrow. We can’t rely on god or religion to solve our problems anymore, we just need to accept the reality of the world and of our nature and get on with it.

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And you’re working with Jagz Kooner which is so cool. Can you tell us a bit about how you and Jagz work together on tracks?

We were super psyched to work with Jagz as he has done some amazing stuff. He is a really holistic producer in the sense that he will really work with you on every level, from arrangements and structure, to sound and getting the best performances. But most important for us is he creates a great vibe that makes the long arduous days in the studio so much fun which is crucial. When everyone is cooped up for days on end picking over the details things can get tetchy but Jagz manages to keep it fun whilst inspiring everyone to do their best!

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Can you tell us a bit about your live performance?

We are a six piece so with live we make quite a big noise. Naturally when we play live our rockier instants tend to come out and we try to give everything a bit more balls! Again it’s about having fun, playing live with a big band like this is the closest you will ever come to having a super power. When the six of us play it is a powerful thing and to harness that power is an amazing feeling. We recorded a live performance recently so please keep an eye on our socials for the footage.

What venue in the UK would you love to play?

All of them!

And UK festival?

I love that there are so many great independent festivals that are so successful these days like Tramlines so I would love to play to that audience.

Who would you love to support?

Primal Scream, SFA, Spoon and basically any band that I would love to watch night in, night out!

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Dream collab would be with…?

Brian Wilson. Would love to hear those harmonies on top of some Extranauts beats!

And finally, will we be hearing more material from you guys this year?

Oh yeah, not being able to gig means we have tons of material ready to go. We should have another two singles out this year alone and we cannot wait for you to hear them.

EXTRANAUTS are: ● Keith O’Neill – (Guitar & Lead Vocals) ● Alan Stacey – (Guitar & Backing Vocals) ● Peter Vogelaar -(Bass) ● Peter Sauvage – (Drums) ● Edward O’Neill – (Keys & Brass) ● Tom Coady -(Percussion)






Management: Nicola Timmons & Gary Mitchell  



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