At the heart of new music’s teeming core, there are a plethora of insanely talented bands. One of these bands are Cruel Hearts Club, a trio of women drenched in grunge, punk charm and panache. Their songs are shouty, mouthy, sexy and catchy as hell. Their debut single ‘Hey Compadre’ grabbed us immediately from the very first listen and has had a solid place in our playlist’s ever since. The band has had a great start to the year, receiving huge support from the likes of This Feeling, NME, BBC Radio 1 and Radio X. They’ve also worked with producer Ed Harcourt and MPG breakthrough Producer of the Year Catherine Marks (Wolf Alice, The Amazons). We got the chance to chat to the band to find out a little more…


Born in Australia, but deciding to leave the sun behind to head for the bright lights of London, sisters Gita and Edie met drummer Gabi through mutual friends and Cruel Hearts Club was born, the sisters stating ‘We couldn’t resist her charms‘. Brought up in a musical family Edie explains… ‘Our dad makes ocarinas which are cute little wind instruments and when we were super young, we had a family group. We’d all pile into our VW camper van and play at the hippy festivals. We were encouraged to study hard at classical music, join orchestras and compete, it’s something we’re really grateful for now.

Song writing for the duo is a joint effort Gabi tells me… ‘Edie or I will bring an idea to the table, maybe half-formed lyrics or a lead melody, and we’ll bash it around in the studio with Gabi until it takes shape. My best ideas have come to me when I’m driving, not sure why, maybe boredom or some part of my brain channelling some deep dark portal opens up, but my voice memos are filled with the sound of windscreen wipers and indicator noises and me wailing away!’. 

Inspired from bands like Elastica and Gita also tells me that they’ve ‘Always been a little obsessed with The Runaways‘. With a new single on the horizon I was interested to know more about the meaning behind the track… ‘It’s called ‘Suck it up’ and we’ve had this in the pipeline for over a year now. It’s about escaping a  monotonous, boring place you don’t want to be anymore and starting again. Feeling excited to finally have it out and also for people to see our music video for it too. We filmed most of it in Margate which is such a special place, and our kids are the stars of it (they were amazing but as you can imagine it was extremely hard work to film)’. 

It’s clear to see that the girls are armed with desire and dedication, looking forward they tell me their goals for the future include… ‘We want to release an album next year and it would be a dream to gig in Japan.’ The girls have made many milestones from supporting Sting and The Libertines to being one of This Feelings #BigIn2020 but they told me their proudest moment to date was ‘Supporting Iggy Pop at Budapest Park was insane! Such an amazing moment for us three, it will take something big to top that.‘.

There seems to have been a sudden surge of attention on women in the indie rock music scene. But I was interested to know if the girls thought that they getting enough attention from the industry and from music fans? ‘I think things are definitely on the cusp of things changing but as it stands, most indie bands are 90% white male and there are a lot of them! I think it’s almost oversaturated and it actually feels good to be in the minority. I mean, there’s always talk of equality and opportunities for female musicians/bands, whether or not that is actually happening is debatable but to be honest I think if you’re shit hot at what you do, you work hard and contribute something interesting and exciting then male/female it’s all the same, hopefully people will start to take notice.’

Descriptions of ’female fronted’ or ‘all girl’ seem to now be looked upon as music genres, I asked what the girls thoughts were on this… ‘It doesn’t necessarily offend us, but I do sometimes question when someone labels a band as something that doesn’t define their work? I’d like to think now that more and more women are starting bands, this will filter out?! We try not to overthink on the whole, being an all-female band thing and just get on with doing our own thing!’ 

Well, doing their own thing is certainly working! Cruel Hearts Club new single ‘Suck It Up’ is out on 28th February. For the chance to see the girls play live (which we highly reccommend!) their single launch is at The Lexington, London on the 25th Feb, tickets are available here:

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