Cellar Door Moon Crow are a force to be reckoned with, a law unto themselves. Not willing to jump on a bandwagon or ride on the latest wave of musical interest, they make their own way in this crazy mixed-up music business.. These guys play raw, stripped down, “Eat your heart out Iggy Pop”, in your face music.. The Goodwin brothers, Tom (drums, keys) and Phil (guitars and shouty stuff) are what the fuss is all about.. They first came to my attention in April 2016 when they played support to Get Inuit and Vant at Plug in Sheffield. They’ve come a long way since then, and so indeed have their beards – by about 6 inches. The lads like to mix genres, so their releases, although unmistakeably CDMC can never be pigeon-holed or dismissed as a soundalike of someone else.. They’ve released several singles over the last couple of years, from “Backlash” back in 2015 to “Who’s Way (Is It Anyway)” in 2017, each one being a progression in style and taste from the previous release.

I met up with Phil half way through their East to West November tour, and had a chinwag with him about life on Earth and the price of fish..

Hiya Phil, how’s the tour going, and what have the highlights been?
Awesome thanks, had some great crowds and got to gig with some great bands over the last month. We had a banging show at Al’s Dime Bar in Bradford the other night. Place was packed. We’ve gigged there before with Hoodoo Operators (wicked Bradford band) so it was great to see them again and we took some mates, Mary Wrote, along as well. Made for a great show.

You’ve got a new single coming out with J Kas, when is it due out, and how did that come about?
Yeah “East to the West”. We’re really excited to release this one, we’ve done mash ups and we push our boundaries all the time but this was a new experience having a guest vocal down in our studio (Fat Elephant) spitting on our track. J Kas is an inspiration, the guy is prolific. Our paths had crossed over the last year or so and we’d said it would be cool to work together but we’d not particularly decided on E2W as the track. When he came down to the studio it was to chill out, talk some ideas and that. We played him that track as we were still putting our vocals down and it was set up. He listened to it, like 3 times, and then laid his thing down. One take, job done. Since that we’ve just recorded his next EP, 4 tracks some old school Hip Hop – it sounds sick. He’s gonna be making an appearance on stage with us at the Leadmill. We’ve had the video back for E2W, we worked with Loki films again for this (they did Whistler, Forgiveness and WWIIA) and we had a great time making it. Can’t wait to put it out there next week and see the reaction, like we said earlier we like to push our boundaries / comfort zone. Seems like CDMC is evolving more and more with each new track. We’ve got so many ideas that when we write a tune we then take a step back and think “How should we produce this one? What could we do thats new?”

So, the Leadmill sees the debut of your new single with J Kas then? Who’s been supporting you guys on this tour?

We’ve made good mates with Sly Antics – We started the tour in Manchester with them and it was sold out at the Burgess (really cool art space, they had a £90k grand piano that we’ve brought back to the studio in Sheffield . They were on the Scunny gig with us and Sleeptalking as well. We’ve got Blind Saints and Tremmors on with us at The Leadmill. This is going to be our last CDMC show of the year so party party my man. it’s almost sold out now. Plenty of good friends old and new coming down, think it might get messy!

Ha, yeah, think it could well do. Playing to a home crowd on the last night of the tour must be something special, especially with it being a Honey Bee Blues Club promotion.

The Leadmill is legendary, it’s such an iconic venue. When we made the decision to play there we thought this has got to be a Honey Bee promotions show. Especially with Martin Bedford’s history. Martin and the rest of Honey Bee are good friends of ours and we’ve done many shows together. There’s a certain magic to the shows and the nights HB do, and we thought let’s take over the Leadmill but put our spin on it with the choice of music, DJ set the lot. I think it’s going to be a really special night and will finish the year off for us in style.

And what does the future hold for CDMC,What’s coming up in the new year?

2017 has been a great year and seeing us gig all over the country and release 3 singles. We’re gonna sit down over Christmas with a bottle of whiskey and map out some plans for 2018. Expect more collaborations and a debut album.

Hallelujah brothers and sisters. There ends the gospel for CDMC 2017.

Upcoming tour dates:

24th November – Doncaster Woolpack

25th November – Leeds Kazoopa


 Interview and photography by Mal Whichelow

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  1. Excellent job Mal..credit to ya. ;-)) xx

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