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Cabbage kicked off their Healing Brexit Town tour last night at the iconic Picturedrome in Holmfirth. Giving those who aren’t aware of the meaning behind the tour, which deliberately focuses on the smaller towns of the UK, Cabbage said on  their social media: 

 “Hello, dear followers of Brassica and those who crave prosperity. Given the delicate situation our country faces and the mounted pressure caused by the arrogant and morally outrageous government in power, brexit looms above us like a fart in the dark, the kind of deal that would not only be catastrophic if done by the tories, it would serve no purpose to those who voted for it or against it, just those who have lots and lots of money’

The band have excitedly been busy recording their debut album the past few weeks. Henry caught up with Lee Broadbent just before their Preston gig…. 

To start, you guys have spent the previous few weeks locked away in Parr St studios producing your debut album with James Skelly, how has recording here affected the overall tone of the album?

James Skelly happens to be, I wouldn’t say a secret genius, because his talent throughout the years has been very obvious – But we’ve always done It the Cabbage way and for James to actually come in and produce us I suppose you could say we locked horns at first but within two sessions of recording it was almost like we’d bow down to him because he’s so fucking right about everything, he really is. He’s been a fountain of knowledge, not just with music but with art and literature, just his overall influence – and Rich Turvey as well, who was the engineer, their influences have shaped the album into something far better than we could’ve ever imagined. It’s very good if I don’t say so myself.

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Described previously as “one of the hardest working bands in Britain” has it been hard coming up with new content for a debut when you already have so much under your belt? How does it work?

So we sort of came out that it was going to be the difficult debut album, which nobody had ever done before, it’s always the difficult second, third or fourth or fifth but since we’re in a situation where we’ve released as much content as we have the influence of Skelly and the large number of things we like to talk about makes us feel very ready to release it – there’s no slight part or piece of the album that we’re unsure of, it all came together so slickly and out of nowhere.

You’ll be playing a show for us in November in support of Musicians Against Homelessness, why does this cause mean a lot to you and how do you think music is a good way to raise awareness of the often controversial subject?

Well, homelessness is the most visible invisible crime, as in we all choose to ignore it and yet it’s in every city, and every town, it’s fucking embarrassing for a first world country. You can’t just blame the fact that homeless people may have just become institutionalized through the drugs system or the way the housing system works because those systems are sort of laid in place to trap people and we as a society government or humanitarians don’t seem to do much for the cause of homelessness but choose to ignore it – and well music is such a fanatical occupation, so many people are deeply obsessed with bands and music so that’s what makes it such a cause aware. 

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What do you think we, as citizens, can do to help tackle the issue?

Just try and be better humanitarians every day in your life, try and choose altruism ov er selfishness, try to discuss and debate on a level where identity does not overrule ideology. We’re in a position at the moment where any form of politics is so difficult to discuss because the left just scream silly words at other people who don’t agree with them rather than – just look at Tony Benn’s left wing labour and how progressive and intelligent and how his form of debate was so inspiring. And today if someone doesn’t agree with us we just say Fuck You Cunt! 

Just don’t scream, Fuck off you cunt, if someone doesn’t agree with you, try to debate it like Socrates would have done. 

With Hugh Hefner’s passing today we’re brought back to your latest offering, Celebration of a Disease, how do you think erotica such as Playboy has evolved from something somewhat artsy and well thought out, to the smut we now see day to day?

That’s pretty much nailed the song on the head, it’s hard to imagine what eroticism in the 70’s was really like, but through literature you can definitely see a switch where we now live in such an accessible and instant life, eroticism doesn’t seem to build like a crescendo where it’s just needing an immediate fix, and I think that massively misrepresents a lot of the population where it’s really about two people. 

With your rocketing success and your eye for emerging talent, can you give us three bands you think will be dominating stages in similar fashion within the next year?

Well, I can’t include Queen Zee and The Blinders because they’re already on tour with us. There’s a band from Manchester called Slowknife. My mate Michael Cunningham has a band called Starlight Magic Hour who seem to be doing well, and Angus Knight, one of the most fucking lunatic geniuses – His band’s called No Friends and I hope to god that he can put it together without going into a two-hour meltdown of Kiss. 

In closing, if you had to go full Vlad the Impaler, who would you skewer on the rolling hills of Mossley to riddle foes with fear and protect the homeland?

There’s all your clichés, your obvious choices like Jacob Reese Mogg or Rupert Murdoch – but let’s get deep – I’m going to go for Kelly Jones from Stereophonics. He really pisses me off. But rather than Vlad the impaler can I have Caligula the Roman incestual emperor.

The tour continues throughout October..

Tickets for the Musicians Against Homelessness gig with Trampolene, Sheafs, and Sisteray at The Leadmill can be purchased here

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6 – Peterborough The Met Lounge –
11 – Dundee Church – https://o/gjpromotionsuk/cabbage
12 – Dunfermline PJ Molloys –
13 – Darlington Inside Out –…/c…/inside-out-darlington/1113269
14 – Cumbria The Drawing Room –…/Cabbage–support-from-…/12986472/…
17 – Norwich Arts Centre –
18 – Bedford Esquires –…/cabbage/bedford-esquires/1109132

19 – Stowmarket John Peel Centre for Creative Arts –
20 – Wolverhampton Slade Rooms –…/tickets/concerts/cabbage/
21 – Buckley The Tivoli –





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