Blue River have been releasing music prolifically since 2016, and with two albums & nine singles already under their belt, they show no signs of slowing down. Based on the coast of Cornwall, they describe themselves as an indie surf punk band who’s next release ‘Tetsuo’, is out on June 5th under These Bloody Thieves Records. We spoke to lead vocalist Perran Nicholls…


An unavoidable talking point at the moment is the current pandemic and the threats that the music industry faces because of it. With no live shows for what looks like the rest of the year, how do you think artists and venues can bounce back?
Well, it’s the only thing artists and venues can do init! No ones gonna give in. If anything next year is gonna be so big it’ll make up for 2020… hopefully.
On a more positive note – it is interesting to see how artists are interpreting the situation. Do you feel as if lockdown has altered, or influenced your creativity in any way?
Not really. If anything it’s made me not wanna pick up the guitar – I’m not into forcing it at all. I’ve always said let it come to you, that way you’ll get what you need instead of what you think you need. (Why am I picturing a guitar with legs) anyway don’t force it.
Your next single ‘Tetsuo’ is out on June 5th via These Bloody Thieves Records – what can you tell us about it?
It’s being dubbed as our best song to date, so it’s a good start. When I wrote it I thought right away this is a different sound to what we normally pump out. It was a bit of a gamble, but it’s totally paying off. Saying that, I’ve written a few different styles in the past, and then you get to the studio and the song will go down the “indie pop” route – and that’s fine, but it’s nice to stick totally to the demo this time. It’s now being premiered by This Feeling and Gigslutz. Listen HERE.
What inspired the lyrics and title for the track and what makes it different from other Blue River tracks?
This tune is about Global warming, and the effects it has on us. Tetsuo is Japanese for “Clear Thinking Man” as the verse goes “save me baby let me go, your eyelids darling you should close” kind of means, the planet is screaming save me, but some people just don’t want to see it, so it’s also saying shut your eyes and be blind to it. hence the lyrics. But my favourite line in the song and the most telling one for me is the line “Iv become something numb… waiting for the ice to warm me to my bones” meaning I’m left cold by the thought of our ice caps melting, and the only thing that can warm me, is the thought of the ice returning. It kind of contradicts itself but also it’s so telling. What makes it different is, it’s stayed true to the demo, some of the vocals are actually recorded on a iPhone with headphones in in my bloody kitchen, taken right from the demo, and I’m glad it’s made it in the finished tune you hear now. I don’t know, it’s heavy, it’s a bit odd, it’s not pop, but I’m glad people are saying it’s our best tune yet, at the end of the day it’s Rock n Roll.
How has working with a label furthered your career?
These Bloody Thieves Records are a top label run by a top man, Rob Hirst. Rob’s knowledge in the game is top notch and he’s always on offer for advice, so we are in good hands indeed.
What’s your dream band line-up on vocals, guitar, bass and drums?
Perran on vocals / Marc on guitar / Adam on bass / Brett on drums, there’s your dream line up!
Anymore plans in the pipeline after the single release? 
Yes, we will put out another single maybe late summer in-line with our massive Shaun Ryder Support slot gig. But for now we will ride the waves of our new single Tetsuo.
Follow Blue River at the links below and look out for the new single ‘Tetsuo’ on June 5th.







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