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Bringing a snarling, grizzly amalgamation of rock and punk to the stellar showcase of This Feeling’s Alive tour, energetic quartet BlackWaters are experiencing a much-deserved degree of unprecedented exposure, thanks to their recent efforts alongside Bang Bang Romeo and The Shimmer Band

From Guildford, (via Sheffield), these four lads are set to melt your face off with their unparalleled energy. Their tracks convey angst and ecstasy in their purest forms; check out ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ below if you need an example. We have a brief natter about Tip-Ex, Jamie Vardy, and the mindset of punk, among other things.

Starting from the beginning, how did you guys form, and does your name hold any meaning to you?

No, the name held no meaning to us and it was completely random. We all met at college in Guildford and started off as a shite indie band. We slowly became a little more punky and eventually more rock and roll. We don’t really get it when blogs and mags call us indie.

Who decided on the capitalization of the name? Because I’ve got it wrong many times and I’m starting to question my journalistic credibility…

It’s just a way of pissing everyone off. Just being generally difficult. Don’t worry mate, I like the journalism. 

From the pictures I’ve seen of you lads, you seem to be a fan of the cropped trouser. Do you have any fashion tips for myself, and how cropped can a trouser be until it fundamentally becomes a pair of shorts? 

Our style is something that has developed with our music. It’s changed in accordance  to the way we feel at the time and also from watching other bands. I’d say it’s a pair of shorts once it’s over the knees.

Is there any deep lyrical meaning behind your track ‘Fuck Yeah’? 

Fuck Yeah is a tune to let yourself fuckin’ go. I noticed everyone’s sour faces and glum looks on a Monday evening on the central line, so I wrote a verse about it. It’s also about the headlines just fear-mongering and all of us being sick of it. The chorus is a way to escalate the verses and visa versa, its a good tune.

Do you have any particular creative process, or any pre/post-gig rituals?

We all light a fire on the floor, get naked and paint tip-ex over one member of the existing group. With all of us having a canny knack for tribal sorcery, we do try to get everyone involved and paint someone else in Tip-Ex each time.

How’s Guildford these days?

Don’t know mate, living in Sheffield now. Less Tories round here. Guildford was very good to us though. We will forever be shouting out The Boileroom for allowing us to have our club nights there and giving James four months of employment. Not many places would.

I imagine that the big one for you lads is being a cornerstone of This Feeling’s Alive tour, doing a pretty comprehensive lap of the country throughout October. How does it feel to be a part of the tour?

Good to be part of something good going on. A lot of shit in the world so it’s a good way to take your mind off that. Also just nice to get out the house. Excited to see all the support bands.

Speaking of which, what can newcomers to BlackWaters expect from your live performances?

Ollie showing off his nude calendar and Max spitting on James. James then farts, Dave smells it and Jamie Vardy curls one in the top bins from 30 yards out.

With John Cooper Clarke being one of your key influences, would you ever cover a poem of his like Arctic Monkeys did with ‘I Wanna Be Yours’? 

Potentially! I actually knew the AM song before I got into Cooper Clarke, but hats off to them, it’s a wicked rendition. I’d love to try ‘Evidently Chickentown’ or ‘The Day My Pad Went Mad’, read his book Ten Years in an Open Necked Shirt, inspired me massively.

What does Indie Punk mean to you?

Well like I said, we don’t really get the whole ‘indie’ label. I also don’t think punk is even a genre. Not to sound cliche but it is just a state of mind. Anyone can be punk. Even Wham or Take That. George Michael was fucking punk.

What can we expect from BlackWaters in the future?

EP in March. Maybe a Gothic style change.

Before the BlackWaters lads turn into a moody Norwegian death-core act, catch them at the stacked Alive tour, alongside support acts such as Vida, SHEAFS and The Strawberries to name a few. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud, and keep an eye out for any additional dates. Make sure you bring Tip-Ex, though. 

Feature image courtesy of BlackWaters’ Facebook page.




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