The A.V. Club formed as the in-house collective of producer/musicians Joe Banks and Cal Bate who decided to reimagine the iconic sound of the 80s, taking notable inspiration from the soundtrack of the television series Stranger Things. Since connecting with drummer/percussionist Oli Thomas and Guitarist/Keys player Daniel Turton, the group continues to develop and refine their sound. In the short time they have been together, the band have been heavily featured on Radio X, as well as enjoying multiple sold out shows in Warrington and Liverpool. We caught up with them ahead of the announcement of their latest single ‘Over U’.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with The A.V Club, how would you introduce yourselves?

We usually say that The A.V Club are a musical blend of classic nostalgia and modern indie-pop. We are from Warrington and formed as the full four piece we are today back in the spring of 2019. Our sound was originally influenced by the Netflix show, Stranger Things and has since evolved and matured into that blend of 80s style synth pop and modern pop and indie.

What can fans expect from your recently announced single ‘Over U’ – alongside your self described “Phase 2” of the band?

So our new Single ‘Over U’ will be released on 31st July and we are very excited for everyone to hear it. I think you can expect the same hard-hitting nature that we have endorsed in our previous material however we have taken a slightly different approach to this song. The song is a lot grittier and rawer however maintains the same level of energy and passion of our previous songs. I think this can be a bit of an insight into phase 2 of the band.


The announcement comes off the back of a successful debut 6 track EP, ‘Youthful Illusions’, launched just three months ago. Is this prolific rate of output something we can get used to?

With both myself (Joe) and Cal being producers we are always churning out demo after demo and most of the time for every 10 demos we make, there is an absolute goldie in there that we choose to take to the studio we have collectively built. Because we have this production background and our own studio we are able to work on new material literally every single day so I’d say that you definitely expect plenty more releases!

How is Warrington as a place to write and play music?

Warrington is a typical, rainy, northern town that is right in the centre of both Liverpool and Manchester which both have very prestigious music history. We are lucky to be slap bang in the centre of both these great cities so there is plenty of local influence. Warrington as a music scene is progressing so much and there are loads more bands coming out that have a lot of potential. We played a local headline show in Warrington just before the release of our EP and sold out a venue called Auction Rooms which was a lot of fun! The venue ended up running out of beer as it was that busy so as you can imagine, that was a lot of fun to play.

How does your background as producers help in terms of song writing?

Like we said in a previous question, both mine (Joe) and Cal’s abilities to produce has helped us so much when writing songs. We are able to write parts deliberately with the end mix in mind and add a lot of production elements and tricks during the writing stage of a song. Our technical abilities have also allowed us to build our own synth sounds and other elements that have become staple sounds within our songs. We are very fortunate to have our own studio which we both work from so any time we’re both together we can sit and write more songs.

Do you feel as if lockdown has altered or influenced your creativity as a band in any way?

We see ourselves as very much a fun energetic live band so obviously it has affected the that element of our band but in terms of creating, I think it has just allowed us to get more creative and push our limits more than we ever have done before. Over lockdown we have released a series of ‘lockdown covers’ and alternate versions of our original songs which we have been putting out as videos on our social media and YouTube channels which seem to have really kept our fanbase engaged and entertained during such uncertain times. We have managed to finish our studio build and write a lot of songs during the time so I’d say it has both altered it in some ways but certainly spurred us on to work even more than we did before.

What does the future hold for The A.V Club?

We all hope that over the coming year, more and more people will have heard the name and the songs which is all that a band can ask for! We are very ambitious and confident and believe that if we work hard enough, we will work our way up the venues and be successful!

The new single will be released on Friday the 31st of July across all major streaming platforms. Make sure you pre-save the single here and get it in your playlists ready for the release: distrokid.com/hyperfollow/theavclub/over-u-2

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