This is the first in a series of interviews highlighting people who are working in various roles on the unsigned scene. This scene cane be a tough one with fierce competition, yet admirably, many people are dedicating hours of their spare time to learn their roles, doing what they with little or no funding, doing everything out of their own pockets. One of these people attempting to make a difference, is Northern lass Arianne Jessop. Arianne has repped nights, supports and works with established promoters like Double Denim and held down her project ‘Arianne Interviews’ for the past two years whilst also working full-time. A brilliant people person, she’s also recently started to manage Carnation a Manchester band making waves on their local scene… 


Tell us all about Arianne Interviews? How did it all start? Did you spot a gap in the market that you could fill?

Well around two years ago I needed a new focus in life. I started off writing reviews and realised I wasn’t the best at writing. A band then invited me along to their gig at the Leadmill and asked for me to interview them, but then found out it was going to be filmed. From that moment, I knew that was something I wanted to do, plus it’s put my motor mouth to good use.

How do you hope to develop and expand over the next twelve months?

Who knows what twelve months could bring? I am aiming to keep giving these unsigned and up and coming bands and artists promotion, giving them the opportunity to say what they want. It would be nice to quit the day time job and do it full time, but for now I’m content travelling around. My heart belongs in the underground scene.

How do you feel have you been received since you started?

I feel I’ve been welcomed in to the scene by everyone that I’ve come in to contact with. Everyone has been so lovely and supportive and I couldn’t ask for more than that really. There are times where I get nervous, especially interviewing bands I’ve never met. But that’s nothing a good pint can’t sort out, hey?

How far do you think you can take ‘Arianne Interviews’?

I think with the growing underground scene and as more and more bands coming through, I feel I could get a bit more established. More so in towns and cities [that] I rarely venture too. It’s all about putting yourself out there, word of mouth is a wonderful thing sometimes. Maybe I should also try to master Twitter? That’s a foreign form of social media for me.

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On a personal level, what first attracted you to the music scene?

All down to the parents that one, my dad was in a band in Manchester in the early ’90s so I’ve grown up around musicians all my life. Between him and my mam sharing a love for music I suppose it’s natural for me. We have been going to gigs as a family since I was around six years old. And from that we now go out and discover new music. Plus it’s the buzz and the community that you become a part of that is so inviting. I was in a bad place and I can safely say the scene saved me.

You’ve also recently started managing Carnation, a band from Manchester. Can you share a little about that?

Ahh, my boys. Well funnily enough I went over to Manchester and ended up back at my drummer’s house having a few bevs, the lads played me a few demos and we sort of came to a mutual agreement that I was going to manage them. Was a shock as I’ve never managed a band or ever thought I would. Within that time we have achieved so much in a small amount of time: a new single, first tour and now on to selling out shows in Manchester. I couldn’t be more proud of the lads.

Do you have a particular scene or subculture you would say you lean towards?

Erm… I would like to say no, but I am your typical manc indie kid. As I’ve got more involved I’ve started to discover more genres and giving everything a chance. The scene has opened my eyes to so much talent. 

Are there any up and coming acts you recommend we should listen out for?

Where do you even start with that one? Ivory Wave are up there for me, The Elephant Trees and obviously Carnation. ‘Also think there is something exciting about The Slumdogs too. My list could go on and on. I mean how much talent is there out there?

 What’s next for ‘Arianne Interviews’?

Just to keep doing what I’m doing and spreading the news of this amazing scene, and also being a part of it all is what makes it so exciting. I love the fact that people are working together and supporting each other and sharing achievements. We all know it’s a tough scene but definitely the best one to be a part of. 


Fave band/artist:

Shed Seven; The Blinders; Arctic Monkeys;  James; The Smiths

Fave albums:

The Seahorses – Do it Yourself; Muse – Showbiz; Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not; Cabbage – Nihilistic Glamour Shots; The Stone Roses – Second Coming

Fave Films:

There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble; Step Brothers; Sword in the Stone; Blazing Saddles; Life of Brian

Fave Clothing:

Adidas Originals Trainers, Doc Martens, Fred Perry polo, fishnets & band tee

Five Favourite Icons:

All the bloggers, promoters, writers, interviewers, photographers, bands and everyone involved in making the scene great.


Arianne Interviews will be on the road again for CUP Soccer Six and Musicians Against Homelessness at Mile End Park Leisure Centre and Stadium on the 29th April. For interviews you can message her Facebook page here…



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